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  1. Hello! 

    I've just purchased the Riing Plus 12 TT Premium edition fans 3pack + controller and it has been one infuriating experience. I assumed that hardware would be plug and play but yet I've had to reinstall the software multiple times, try multiple software, use multiple USB ports, open the controller to get access to the hw revision number and experience horrendous product naming conventions!

    Could you please

    1. Shorten your product names
    2. Combine your software into a one single program
    3. Tell me why the controller cannot detect the fans? (H_0x0001)

    Controller details are:

    • REV: D03
    • FAN BOX R02
    • 2016/11/09

    My system details:

    • 8700K
    • Asus Strix z370-F
    • 32 GB DDR4 3466
    • Galax GTX 1080Ti Exoc
    • EKWB A240G Fluidgaming 

    I've read the forums, I've tested out the suggestions here and from around the web to no avail. Please help!







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