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  1. forgot one thing, what about compatibility with motherboard rgb software? Like ASUS Aura sync, MSI Mystic light, Gigabyte RGB fusion, and AsRock Polychrome rgb?
  2. Got it. Thanks for the info Mike. Appreciate it.
  3. please CMIIW, suppose I want to use 6 Trio fans, and use the Thermaltake software, then the best way to do it is to daisy chain 2 Riing Trio Controller (if I buy 2 of the 3-pack I'll have 2 controller, one from each pack). And if I want to use 6 Trio fans and connect them to the MB (without Thermaltake software), I can just connect those fans to TT sync controller? Did I get that right?
  4. Hi, I'm interested in the new TT Riing Trio fans. But in the product page I saw this info: *DO NOT connect Riing Trio fans to other TT RGB PLUS controllers what about the TT Sync Controller? is it compatible? because I'm planning on using 6 Trio fans, and TT sync controller seems to be the perfect choice since you can connect up to 9 fans. I don't think the included Riing Trio controller is the solution as it can only be used with 5 fans (the recommendation in the official website) and adding one more controller just for 1 more fan seems a bit overkill.
  5. So I've downloaded the latest ver 1.2.1, uninstalled the previous one, delete the folder, and re-install, but still no go. Not comfortable to use but it is functional (as the one before) so I guess it's better than not working at all. Thanks anyway.
  6. I haven't got a new monitor. and my resolution is 1920x1080 I'm not sure which version, but I just updated the app recently (about a week or so). Maybe I'll try a clean install first.
  7. Hi, This is probably not something new, but I noticed that the TT RGB Plus app window size is very large. I remembered the first time I ran the app (around January 2018) it didn't go outside the screen size. I rarely change my fans settings therefore I haven't paid attention to it before, but today when I opened the app, it was huge and I am unable to resize the window, it just stuck at that large size. Also it does not respond to windows 10 automatic resize when you bumped the app to the edge of the screen to make it fit the screen size. So I had to drag it around to do some settings. Not that it's a big deal or that it effects the setting itself, just thought it would be nice if I can fit the window on my screen so that I can see everything at once. PS: I attached the screenshot of my desktop to show the size of the TT RGB Plus app window size. I spared some tiny spaces on the top and left size of the screen, even then the app window size still goes beyond the right and the bottom border of the screen.
  8. Hi, it's now working (again), and to be honest I haven't done anything special since the last time it said no devices found. All I did was turn off the pc (because I had to go out) and when I came back, turned the pc on and ... it's running normally. Still don't know what happened though, but at least it is working now. And just a quick question: why do TT still uses molex connector for the riing plus?
  9. in my experience, you'll need a new controller that is compatible with ryzen. I did receive the replacement from local distributor and it did work. well, at least for 1 day because the next day I got a warning from the application saying that no controller found.
  10. Hello, Apparently a lot of people are having trouble with the riing plus, but mine is a bit weird though I was having the same problem regarding the riing plus controller compatibility with ryzen. Contacted the local distributor and they sent me the new controller which is compatible and it did work. So I thought everything was solved, but not quite ... The next day, when I turned my pc on, the riing software gave a warning that no controller found with error code H_0x0001. I tried to unplug the cable and reconnect everything and restarted the pc but it still gave me the same error. I tried the detecting application that the distributor sent me previously, and it said 'no devices found!' Did my (new) controller just died?
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