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  1. Hello Lont. Well, pretty much everyone from this thread has received his cable sooner or later. In my case, it took 1,5 month before i do. I guess you will have to wait a bit longer but try to contact them again just in case. In the mean time, have you tried Teusxx's solution in the previous post?
  2. Yes, the email is correct. No, you cannot deal this with us, we are plain users and Thermaltake customers just like you Since, you are from Europe like me, most probably Thermaltake's Germany Office will handle your case. Do send your questions in the Contact Us page, like I told you before. I did, and the response was ultra fast (the same day to be exact). I know, this whole thing sucks, but I guess #### happens in the whole industry. The point is to be able to get compensated for your trouble. And it seems Thermaltake succeeds in doing so. It just takes a bit longer
  3. Hi! They will not always respond to your emails but I think they will process your request anyway. I have send 3 emails (1 normal and two reminders) and I have received my cable about a month from the first one. Have you provided them with all the required info (mentioned in the 1st page of this thread, as well as my post here)? And perhaps, you can try and ask them if they have received your emails, in the official "Contact Us" page, here.
  4. Hellow Lont. Please see the picture below. In the left (the one with the Thermaltake logo) is the new cable. On the right, the one my P3 came with (the wrinkles are not made by me, the cable came this way!). You should try your cable first, in case it works OK. You could avoid all the trouble Regarding my case, I can confirm that my replacement riser cable works fine! The system posts normally (no three beeps, no black screens), it's stable (no more random hangs in Windows or in games) and I have even gained a couple of frames in Assassin's Creed: Origins (or so I think ). Bonus, my baby finally completed:
  5. Just an update: I have send 3 e-mails in total. One on January 1st. The second on January 19th. And one more, on January 25th. I haven't got any replies but today I have just received a replacement cable with shipment day January 21st. I hope it solves my issues, I will install it as soon as I return home from work and let everybody know...
  6. Send an e-mail at info@thermaltake.com and write: Subject: Thermaltake Riser Cable Request 1. Motherboard Make/Model 2. GPU Make/Model 3. Your invoice/receipt 4. Brief description on the issues you are having 5. Your shipping address 6. Your Name 7. Phone Number (For shipping purposes)
  7. Thank you Mike! I took the liberty and sent the appropriate e-mail last Monday! I guess now, I have to wait and see...
  8. Hello everyone! Does the problem exist with the riser cables in those delivered with Core P3? Because I have purchased one back in September and my system would give 3 beeps (VGA not present) when I was using the Thermaltake cable. At the time, I didn't thought that others but me may have the same problem, so I ordered a new one and it works ok, but it is Gen 2 (Gen 3 where way too expensive) and I fear I may have some performance loss. Am I eligible for a replacement cable?
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