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  1. Its been months, comp seems to be working fine but some helpful response to these questions would be appreciated still.
  2. Hey I've been trying to figure out which 140mm fans I can add to my case that will be compatible with the controller from my Thermaltake Floe Riing RGB 240 TT Premium Edition. I'm currently only looking for two to add to the side of my Corsair Vengeance® C70 Mid-Tower Gaming Case - Military Green, but I'm also about to do a build in a Thermaltake Core X9 Snow Edition and will be needing a cooling system for that. Should I be looking at CL-F043PL14SW-A or CL-F056-PL14SW-A. I know the second one is a 3 pack with another controller included, I also have another question, although this should probably have its own thread, on the Floe Riing 240, it is currently mounted in the top of the C70 case, with it being from top to bottom Vented Case wall Radiator Fans blowing upwards into Radiator Is this an ok configuratiuon? I turned the fans around to exhaust through the radiator after realizing I was sucking all that heat into the case with them set to pull through the radiator as shown in the installation guide. Or does it need to be reinstalled with the fans above the radiator pulling through the radiator and out the case since sucking air into the case through the radiator seems counter productive to cooling the whole system? Finally, a suggestion from a problem I had when installing this device, I had thought that it was pulling power from the USB connector, and only after trying to setup the software and getting nowhere did I find the setup video on this site that mentioned the 4 pin floppy power connector. That is really a critical point that needs to be shown in the instructions, in fact in the box I had there were zero instructions for the controller setup at all, I extrapolated the 8-pin header numbers by manipulating the software and again got the setting that indicated it was the pump head and not a fan in the software from the setup video.