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  1. I am considering making the impossible to find fan brackets for the Core X9. I posted the info in the chassis area.
  2. I know everybody is hunting desperately for these very rare fan brackets. Model # Ch00134-co for the awesome Core X9 case. Seems like they are nowhere to be found in the world. Well, you're in luck!!! A friend of mine just got himself a 3D scanner and printer. The brackets are small enough to fit his own maximum measurements. He's going to make 9 more for me because I'm gonna go overkill on air fans, maybe more in case I go truly off my rocker. They will be made to the specific plastic content that matches the strength of the originals, plus heat rating. Anyhow, neither of us knows how much these will cost to make. Once we I'll let everybody hear know. I'm in Canada, so my shipping rates are brutal. But if I can keep the unit price down to a reasonable amount, then I'm going to start selling them on eBay. Or privately if someone is foolish enough to send cash in the mail lol. So I'm interested in knowing how many would be interested in buying them, and I'm willing to listen to suggested prices. Of course, keep them realistic lol.
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