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  1. So I recently purchased an M10 Gaming Mouse, and whenever I plug another item into any other USB port on my tower, the mouse does one a few things: it either stops working and not lighting up, or it bounces along the right side of my screen, or it slides to the bottom right and sticks there. I have to unplug the mouse and then plug it back in, sometimes giving it a few tries, in order to gain use of it. This is incessantly annoying, because I often plug my phone into my tower to charge.
  2. I've since discovered that whenever I plug in something into another USB port, it's what sends the mouse haywire.
  3. Hi there, I recently purchased a Level M10 gaming mouse, and randomly the cursor of the mouse will disappear, or something it will suddenly fly to the right side of the screen and start going haywire against the right border, bouncing up and down or going in rapid circles. It seems to happen most often when the mouse isn't in use for a little bit, and while unplugging it and plugging it back in seems to solve the issue for a while, doing so is getting a little tiring. Is this something on my end, or a faulty mouse?
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