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  1. So would this work? Using the base of the drive bracket - I've moved it across a bit and moved the one grommet. It's not screwed it, but nicely wedged... just trying to think of what I can use from the case to solve this... wouldn't even know if the holes would be usable... -G
  2. Hi all. So I have my PC set up without the custom loop (I have not purchased the parts yet, hence why I am asking for advice in advance). The AIO is in the top of the case and set up. I've got a total of 12 fans in the case, all are TT premium RGBs. 3 x 120mm on the AIO. I replaced the rear stock fan with a 140mm RGB. On the front are 3 140mm fans. Bottom left are 3 x 120mm and bottom right is 2 x 140mm. I'm not going to use TT Rads due to aluminium vs copper loop. I'll be using TT flexi tube as well as TT pacific adapters. In terms of cooling, the only non-TT items will be the rads and the coolant. The pump/res combo is the PR22-D5 Plus. Right so now we know what's going inside, the issue I'm likely going to be faced with is how to fit the PR22-D5 Plus. Looking at the measurements, the height won't be a problem (all drive bays removed) it's 94.1mm vs 87.4mm at its base. I think my issue is going to be that I can only attach one of the mounting brackets due to the size of the Poseidon card and because of the really large gap below where the drive bays were - see the attached photos. How do I go about attaching the pump? Do I need to get something made to mount the pump properly? I could turn the mount 90 degrees so that 1 screw from each base mount gets a hole... Thanks for your help. -G
  3. You could potentially make this work with any size EK 360 Triple Rad in the bottom left, with a 420 SE at the front so long as your ports are at the top - if you wanted to connect them all at the bottom, then you'd need to use a 360SE and and 420SE with some very close connections in the bottom.
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