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    Riser cable

    I’ve just purchased the second gen riser cable and am installing it tomorrow according to the recommended steps. However I noticed that on some motherboards the cmos battery is located directly behind where the riser cable is installed. This may be an issue worthy of mention, if the riser cable is literally touching the cmos battery after being installed it may lead to problems on higher voltage setups,, especially if the battery itself is not firmly entrenched within its sicket. Furthermore, I observed that the cable is very stiff which may also cause undue stress points on the pci-e 16 slots on some motherboards ...especially those motherboards that have had quality issues with respect some pci-e slots being loose. I can think of a few gaming boards that have had these issues fairly recently. Creating a mod coverplate for the sections of unused pci-e slots and cmos battery area is what I will be doing. As far as SLI are concerned arn’t these inherently problematic by nature? From what I have read and heard SLI configurations can be very problemstic to begin with. So to sum up everything I mentioned above: if your building a new rig- pick a motherboard that has no history of pci-e slot issues. And try to find one with a cmos battery that isn’t positioned directly behind where your video card will be...and if possible install a custom acrylic plate over the motherboard any directly behind the riser cable. That’s my two cents, hope this helps someone else building a rig. All the best, Les Nuttall Vancouver, Canada
  2. Hello so I’ve just purchased the View 31 chasis and I am interested in painting a logo onto the magnetic dust cover that fits on the top of the chasis using metallic paint. Just wondering whether this is workable without using duplicolor but instead perhaps another laquer or high heat metallic engine paint? It looks like the cover has a thin coat of rubber already oem’d onto it but I’m not sure, any one know? ...or can offer any advice or tips in this process? Would the paint likely crack from the flex? Or has anyone tried this before? cheers!
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