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  1. this female 9-pin connector is a ubs 2.0 header for your mobo. are you really sure you dont even have a single one of them on your mobo? My corsair PSU also has s mini-usb port to an internal usb 2.0 connection. in my case its for reading out stats like fan-speed, power draw and so on. in your case it could also be for sync the rbg as far as i can see you have already populatet the usb2.0 header for your front IO(beneath the white 4-pin RGB header) now you have to decide whats more important, the front usb or the stats and possibly the syn of the LED's maybe consider taking a look in the manuals what they are for. and i guess you should be able to sync all TT parts up. but i cant tell you if you need TT software or just asus aura.... i hope it helps a little bit
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