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  1. I unplugged the power in controller 1. Then plugged it back in. The first controller was recognized. So I tried it with the 2nd one. Still nothing. Then I lost the first controller. I'm not sure what the issue. I've swapped the 2nd controller and put it as the first. Still nothing. The software hangs and almost crashes Windows 10. Not sure if that is normal.
  2. I looked again at the pictures and the actual controllers. The first one is set with all switches down. The second one, only the first switch is in the up position. But now the software will not recognize either one of them.
  3. Well, both controllers are now not recognized by the software. I'm getting this error now. H_0x0001 This seems to be a common problem. Also, the software seems to take forever to open. It seems like it's going to crash Windows 10, then it finally opens. Is this because of the controller issue?
  4. Here a couple of photos of the controllers. I submitted a ticket last night but haven't hea d back.
  5. I just bought the 5 pack of Riing Plus 14 RGB fans for my new AMD Threadripper build. I got it all assembled and installed the latest version of the TT software, 1.1.6, and it will not recognize my 2nd controller. I have them daisy chained using the supplied cable. But the software doesn't see the 2nd controller. I have the dip switches on the first controller all set to off. The second controller, on the dip switch for position 1 is turned on. The rest are off. I am using the AMD Threadripper CPU and have read there are some issues with the controllers not working with the AMD chipset.
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