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  1. It took them almost 3 weeks to reply. I've since returned the product and went with NZXT instead. No issues since.
  2. Well this is a fresh OS install. I had AI Suite, NZXT CAM, ASUS GPU Tweak and Avast running. I've since uninstalled all of those. And set to Stock speeds my CPU, changed USB headers on the controller, and still I get a hard crash on boot of the TT RGB software. All screens go solid black and the GPU fan speeds go to 100%. I've opened a support ticket 10 hours ago and still waiting on a reply. I'm heading into Denver tomorrow, considering pulling the cooler and returning it for a more stable software.
  3. Hardware- MB: Asus x399-A Threadripper 1950X Cooler: Floe Riing 240 TT GPU- Amd Vega 64 ASUS Strix Problem- Ever since installing the software that goes along with the closed cooling loop, I've had nothing but issues. When the software opens, it will run between a few seconds and minutes then my all my screens go black and my GPU fans go to full speed. This became a bigger issue on the latest release of the software. Currently running without the TT software but have nothing to control fan speed or lighting. At this point not sure where the problem is occuring, system is stable as long as the TT software is not running.
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