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  1. Hi everyone, and then I have another question. I like thermaltakes psus. As I am running a mining rig and want to have a complete overview of how much power my rig actually used, the DPS App is actually great to do so. But since I will be getting a pretty power hungry mining rig, i require something around 1600W. I didnt find a thermaltake solution for that, so I thought 2x 850W should also do the trick. But now I dont really know, if I can run the DPS App for 2 power supplies on one PC. Is that possible? If not, it would be a great feature for future versions of the DPS App, since many miners would profit from that feature. Thanks in advance!!!
  2. Is it possible, to adjust the fancurve slightly? You know, it is not the most quiet psu, but that is not the actual problem, the problem is, that in an almost 5 second interval, it starts speeding up the fan to over 1600rpm for a few seconds, then drops the rpm to 900 and a few seconds again up to over 1600. It is really really annoying. If it simply kept the rpm at around 1200-1400, it would be way less annoying, even if it is pretty loud, compared to other psus, but always hearing a turbine start and slow down over and over again cant be right, now can it? Just to show you what I mean, look at the picture. The fan doesnt look like a graph, it is more like someone tried to fill the whole area. Could an updated fancurve come with an updated DPS App?
  3. Ok, weird as it sounds... as soon as I connected more graphics cards to my rig, it stopped spinning the cpu fan xD So, problem solved, but really weird anyways.
  4. Well, it is a really weird issue. As soon as I plug the Toughpower DPS G 1050W Platinums internal USB-plug into the motherboard and give power to the PSU, without starting the PC, the CPU fans starts spinning. Tried both front USB connectors of the Mainboard, but same thing happens. Why is that? I mean, I want the CPU fan to spin, but only if the PC is turned on. It wont spin turned off, if I dont plug in the usb connector, but then I cant use the DPS App... Ah, and another weird thing is, I can log in to my DPS Account online and it says it is verfied, but in the DPS App, when trying to log in, it says I am not verified and therefore I cannot log in. It is actually a nice PSU and App, but there quite a few weird problems here. Does anybody know, what to do? Thanks in advance. Ok, I read another post and found out, that the login issue is due to using capital letters. So this is no issue anymore.
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