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  1. Yeah, I agree with you about the UI being very basic. It also appears to be of very low quality too. The UI does look very unfinished, and looks like a 10 year old designed it. I can't believe the designer(s) of the Poseidon Z software thought it would be a good idea to make the window have a fixed size. I use a 1360x768 television as my monitor, so the window doesn't fit on my screen properly and I can't adjust it, look at the attached picture. Notice how it goes through my taskbar because I can't resize it. I honestly cannot believe they thought the software they released is acceptable. It looks very unprofessional, is very buggy, poorly designed, and lacks many features. I don't understand why ThermalTake will not release an SDK. It would allow people like myself to customise our keyboards however we want, and wont need to put up with the crap they give us. BTW: You said you're a UI designer, would I be able to see some stuff you've worked on? I'm interested
  2. Hello, Would you guys be able to release an SDK (Software Development Kit) for the Poseidon Z RGB Mechanical keyboard? I find the official software to be too ugly for my taste, and I would much prefer being able to program the LED's via code instead of using a user-interface. By releasing an SDK, you guys would save me alot of trouble, the past couple of days i've spent trying to set the LED's via the HidApi function HidD_SetFeature(handle, data, length), but it keeps refusing. So i'm gonna try implement libusb-win32 instead because someone said they could get it work. Thanks!
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