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  1. Hi, Software crashes many times, I also many time try opening software 3-4 times before it actually opens and stay on screen.
  2. Hurray !! Windows 10 update 1809 fix is out just today, it came sooner than expected. Update to latest X1 RGB keyboard software and keyboard detection issue should be solved. Guys having issue please update and confirm.
  3. @Cynaax , great help on this issue, Thanks !! Hope now people will either pause windows update (like me) to avoid this issue or will wait patiently for Tt to fix this issue with future software update. Hope to receive updated software real soon, also waiting anxiously for compatibility for Razer synapse 3 for Tt products, which was to happen Q4 2018 as per announcement, but now delayed for "Around Q1 2019". Also wondering if this collaboration can add multilayer effects capability to this X1 premium keyboard. If this happens won't that be awesome guys? GUYS PLEASE READ INFO BY "Cynaax" BEFO
  4. Its something to do with software compatibility with latest windows update, in this case devs at Thermaltake should step up and solve this compatibility issue as soon as possible. Tt please solve this as early as possible.
  5. Hello, Although I have not faced this mentioned issue yet. (Have not checked my win 10 update version) But I am 100% sure people should stop blaming windows 10 or its updates for this issue. This issue is software issue from Thermaltake's side and they should fix these kinds of issues in their future software updates. I remember in previous windows update also X1 software crashes often. This software is somewhat buggy and has stability issue from beginning and WIN 10 has nothing to do with this. Its Tt's job to make software stable and compatible with OS and its updates.
  6. Hi, Sorry to hear about this, but you have already done all things that I might do, can you check with some of your friend's PC to check if things work correctly out there with software. It looks like thermaltake releases all their product in beta mode, with lots of bugs. I own View 71, TT premium X1 and Riing plus 12 RGB fan (3 pack). So pretty much TT. But I really regret buying Riing plus 12 RGB as from beginning it shows randomly no controller found issue. And after searching google I found there are many peoples like me. And to my surprise one official answer to these issue from the
  7. Hi, I too have asus motherboard with win 10, when windows start and x1 software loads to screen (For some weird reason it won't start minimized I have to minimize it manually) for 2 seconds i see message keyboard not detected but then keyboard gets detected. May be you can try uninstalling and installing latest version. However software seems not stable in windows 10 as it sometimes crashes if i try to open manually, i have to try 2-3 times for opening software.
  8. Hello All, Another cool review from " Overclocknet
  9. Hi Tt Johnny, Are we there yet for multi-layering of rgb effects support in our X1 software? This is must have feature of a modern rgb keyboard which is branded. I consider thermaltake as a reputed company and hence we have expectations from you guys that you will deliver a good software to back your excellent hardware product.
  10. Hi Tt Johnny, That is a great news ! Awaiting this app, also awaiting update to X1 keyboard software for cool multilayer effects. Thanks.......
  11. Hi, Is android version of mobile app available? Yes, I have checked the music mode effect and its cool.
  12. Here is another review by author " Brainbean"
  13. Hi Tt Johnny, Thanks for quick reply, by "Start with windows" option I mean X1 RGB software do not start automatically when windows start, so last effect that I have choose do not load and I have to manually open software each time when windows completes loading. Normally many softwares do have option to start the software when windows start (In the form of a simple checkbox). Please forward this issue to your software team. Also is there any approx. timeline in horizon for updating software with multilayer effects? Also if you release keyboard SDK (Software development kit), there are ma
  14. Because software do not have ability to multilayer effects, otherwise we can easily have static background with reactive mode.
  15. Hello Chaser, I code designs into HTML with HTML,CSS,jQuery not exactly complete UI designer. (But can differentiate between a good design and a not so good one ).
  16. Hello Tt Johnny, Great to hear that you guys at thermaltake are committed to update your keyboard software to have multilayer effects so that your offering will not lag in features. This is a great looking and performing keyboard for its price and having ability to multilayer effects will surely add more charm to this keyboard. It is a good idea that we will have community page to share custom lighting effects. Also one bug I found in your current software that it do not have "start with windows" option, (Mine do not start in windows 10) hence kindly also add this small but necessary featur
  17. Hi, " I find the official software to be too ugly for my taste "..... Really. Do thermaltake care about user's taste, i doubt. All there products are good, but there software department is really basic, what to say. I myself is UI designer and its interface is so crude. (I own thermaltake's premium X1 keyboard released just now and still its software is very basic and looks unfinished. No multilayer effects customization )
  18. Here is review video for premium X1 from author "ALittleDIMM " :
  19. Hi, As promised thermaltake released new keyboard with new software (Thermaltake Premium X1), however software is still outdated and basic in year 2018 with no ability to add multilayer lighting effects same as Razer and Corsair are offering for past few years. Thermaltake please "Make your keyboards great again" with great software like Razer synapse and Corsair Cue.
  20. Hello, We have a wonderful keyboard with original Cherry Mx switches. Thermaltake is a premium company selling excellent quality pc peripherals from long time, hence expectations from them is at par with their competitors, however at the same I found Premium X1 keyboards software is way too weak and buggy compared to competitors like Corsair and Razer's solution. I did not found any way to layer multiple RGB effects with this software and make cool custom lightning profiles. Thermaltake please advise if any possibility / hope of adding this multi layer effects capability with new software up
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