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  1. a Turn out to be very pretty! Spray painted radiators into chrome to make better contrast for the build. Drilled holes for pass through for CPU and GPU loop. Made a cut out for the back panel to show off the back side tubes and to allow my hand to enter for installing of tubes. Ready for leak test!!
  2. Spray paint the chassis to black for cleaner look and prevent rusting. These are reservoirs mount made of stainless steel. Main idea is to make sure all the watercooling gears can be seen at the first glance of the build. These brackets will enable reservoirs to be mounted in an angle where they can be seen at the first sight and to create a "floating reservoir" effect. Underestimated how difficult is it to drill holes on stainless steel. Went to a local metal workshop to borrow a bench drill press. So appreciate for his help, hopefully i can repay him someday soon.
  3. First time posting here, please forgive me if i posted the wrong format. Brief introduction of myself: Im currently a student, casual pc enthusiast who love watercooling too much and started a little bit of modding as a hobby. Got my first ever sponsor from Andy Thermaltake using my first ever build as a proposal (View 71 - JY71, build video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tb3BALoAl4Y&lc=z23xdhowhybterurz04t1aokg52qnykfhp5bfgcsc0cbrk0h00410). Big fan of thermaltake, great products, got sponsorship, dream comes true, life is complete . Core p90 is such an excellent chassis and i'm so fortunate to get this chassis from thermaltake. No doubt 101% effort is going to put into this build! Mod on! Sponsored items! How crazy!! Core P90, such a sexy lady. Chrome Fittings. How elegant. Disassembled the chassis. Figuring out radiator mounting. Meow. Decided to cut out a part of the chassis and make radiator mounting using aluminium frame. Cleaning out the edges using dremel. definitely have to show off every parts that "involved" in watercooling. Bend dem tubes! Always my favourite part of building a pc, which is watercooling. Thermaltake V-Tubler is superb to work with! Holes for pass through fittings. Black and Chrome. No other colours can beat this duo!!! My core P90 backside woopssss! Smexy bare-back!
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