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  1. Hmm using this AIO myself I never heard anything from the pump and ~1800 rpm? Even under fullest stress I hardly ever see ~1000 rpm here.

    However, I am on a X470 mobo with 2700x CPU. Have you mounted the Rad fans being exhaust fans hence suckers not adding heat inside the case?


    X470 CLIPTest.jpg

  2. 10 minutes ago, mjall said:

    thank you for your response, that is exactly what I did for the HD as I felt it was enough to withhold it, I guessed they wanted us to buy the controller pack, which one do you recommend, have you bought any urself?

    Depends on your required fan size 120/140? there are 3 packs with controller

    here for example:


    My TT AIO Floe 360 got 3 fans (radiator) + controller

  3. 8 hours ago, mjall said:

    Also I bought new SATA HD 8 TB and all the bays are no longer compatible with the screw locations

    just put 1 (or 2) screws - should be good nuf  


    8 hours ago, mjall said:

    I don't get LED light only RPM

    TT fan connectors use 1 more pin  - TT wants you to buy the complete fan pack including controller

  4. 10 hours ago, Fallen_Angel said:

    Would that not result in the hot exhaust air hitting the glass plates and just getting sucked straight back into the case to recirculate through the radiators though due to the negative pressure it would create

    Rad fan speed is ~1000 rpm max if we're talking 360 Rad (or better) hence the fan exhaust wind is pretty mild.

    If you're in Mediterranean climate fan speed hovers around ~700rpm (non oc'ed)

  5. I have 1Mb/s upload speed (ADSL2+) which would take me ~30 minutes to get that file up to Google.
    Perhaps someone else got a better idea?

    You should archive such installer files in case of a return/reset


    .okay it's night here.. my last post for today!


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