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  1. View71

    Full custom loop 9700k running hot

    Okay, all your exclusive thread! Enjoy it!
  2. View71

    Full custom loop 9700k running hot

    I am not particularly into Intel but my Ryzen 2700+ is @1.3V under stress (no OC) while idle @0.7V .. and temperature hardly ever exceeds 61C under load
  3. View71

    Floe Riing RGB 240 Fans Not spinning

    You say on port 2 is a Ring Plus fan connected but still a Warning.... leaves 2 possibilities: 1) That fan is a dud 2) That port is a dud switch fan on that port 2 and see if that works - if same problem the controller port is bad or if possible use another port if available just my opinion...
  4. View71

    Full custom loop 9700k running hot

    Are you sure there is proper contact between CPU/heatsink? Sometimes there is a thin foil on the heatsink side - checked/removed that?
  5. View71

    Floe Riing RGB 240 Fans Not spinning

    the fans are all Ring Plus / Ring RGB is the pump hence you got 2 fans and 1 pump - no Lumi Plus you have connected the usb and power cable too? should look like this (Floe 360 here):
  6. View71

    TT Riing software - CPU usage

    No such problems here... I am on a Ryzen system btw.. only thing it takes 61MB ram which is quite chunky footprint but otherwise all fine. There were a few high CPU usage threads here but I dint follow those..
  7. that's fairly simple - on the downside of the radiator you mount push fans (blow direction to top) and on the top side of the rad you mount extractors means fans extracting the air (pull). It's just a matter of mounting the fans!
  8. View71

    360 Floe premium pump speed 1800rpm??

    Yep, same temps/range for my Floe 360 - looks all fine to me! Why more RPM noise when 1800 is sufficient and quieter?
  9. View71

    360 Floe premium pump speed 1800rpm??

    I would disregard the pump rpm as long as CPU temperature is fine and the rad's fans stay around 1000rpm under load.
  10. View71

    Best liquid cooler

    Get a 360 cooler like the X72 - better performance in general My Tt AIO 360 is working fine too
  11. Get someone good with an solder iron! the pin can be removed from the socket and the cable reapplied
  12. View71

    Is a good liquid cooler worth it?

    Liquid is far more effective while a fan is good for mediocre CPUs in Mediterranean climat/temperatures.
  13. View71

    TT RGB 1.2.52 crashes

    Try this - uninstall RGB+ then make sure to delete (or empty): C:\Program Files (x86)\Tt C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Tt .. once done install the new version and it should load fine..
  14. View71

    RGB 1.2.51 fault

    After a return from system sleep/hibernate this software stays at default Light Modes (reduced cycle speed) - only restarting this software fixes the issue
  15. View71

    RGB 1.2.51 fault

    Yesterday they posted 1.2.52 but it did not fix anything mentioned here
  16. View71

    RGB 1.2.51 fault

    Still waiting for the support to come back with an answer....
  17. View71

    RGB 1.2.51 fault

    It's a geek thing .. 1 computer... 1 cup holder
  18. View71

    TT RGB Plus high CPU utilization

    You can contact support@thermaltake.com directly, IF not already done, and hear whats up. Interestingly your TTRGB ram usage is just half of mine .. I wonder this might be the reason for your CPU drain (maybe page file usage due to low memory?) BTW, I am on an AMD system
  19. View71

    RGB 1.2.51 fault

    okay, contacted 'em and see how it goes... Edit: Another thing I found today - when TTRGB runs on two user accounts concurrently the light-speed doubles even when it's set to normal on both accounts!
  20. Yes, I feel your pain! - I am a 60yo (next March) spent most of my life in IT and still jump into "unknown waters" to find out - meh!
  21. Yes, as far as I know the AIO fans got a few more pins needed by the controller
  22. If the pump would not work there would be smoke! - attached my CPU stress test reaching 40C max
  23. The Pump is (here) to the right - add it (Floe Riing RGB)and it should work. The fans go on port 1/2/3 hence the pump on port 4
  24. see screenshot! IntelBurnTest and LinpackExtreme running concurrently.. ..and CPU temperature keeps ~40 Celsius while rad fans' speed stays a bit above idle?! This is quite a stark contrast compared to 1.2.4 where fans were ~1500rpm heating up the room in a jiffy BTW, RGB 125 is not auto starting in standard user accounts (Win10) - only admin account is fine! version 124 did not have this problem.
  25. View71

    RGB 1.2.5 ... can this be true?

    Okay thanks, Mike, then starting manually from an standard account is the only option