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  1. View71

    Water 3.0 Riing RGB 360 AIO - 2 years on

    Sono, I am more on the lazy side by using Ceramique 2 since years - it's softer hence easy to apply/spread (blob method) and still very durable. When I see this video I get tears in my eyes but you certainly will enjoy doing a bit xtra work
  2. View71

    Floe Riing 360 Help.

    You use the original backplate which came with your mobo? - this is important! No worries when the backplate fits loose.. once you mount the cooler head the mount pressure, when fastening the 4 screws, will pull it tight in place.If there is contact with solder pins use tape to isolate the standoff where needed
  3. View71

    Water 3.0 Riing RGB 360 AIO - 2 years on

    It is fairly simple to unmount the cooler head (4 screws) then remove/clean the old paste from both sides and apply a small blob new paste on the CPU - mount the cooler and that's it.. should not take any more than 30 minutes. No need to remove the CPU from its socket! Check the case fans and airways/filters too and remove dust mats if needed.
  4. "Lose Face" faith should not be in any customer service environment - end of story, no matter which country! Instead, they even admit being too uneducated (read dumb) to fix an issue by saying/asking "too difficult or can't you just accept it?" - Is that really Asian logic of "saving face/honor?" (sigh) However, the real problem is much deeper than that as other companies like MS, Google, Apple have a #### of a time to QA their products... instead the common attitude out there is to throw beta code at the customers and see what customers/users find out. Especially MS had a painfully steep corporate learning with that approach. The smartness/logic of software companies creating a $1000 software package BuT it cost them $2000 to fix all bugs involved... must be an modern world thing and it's good coz they don't need to hire expensive competent staff. Cat chasing tail? sure is!
  5. View71

    TT RGB Plus high CPU utilization

    The Floe can manage the CPU heat without the software running .... it's mostly for the light effects
  6. View71

    View 71 Owner's Club

    My case is in a small corner flanked by the desk and paper/printer rack - no one can see that mess ... all good!
  7. View71

    View 71 Owner's Club

    godevskii It certainly kept you busy for a while - I wish I would find the time to clean up the cable mess on the right
  8. View71

    Thermaltake 360 Floe Ring 360 Premium pump issue

    I can not disagree TT is not exactly an informative company
  9. View71

    Thermaltake 360 Floe Ring 360 Premium pump issue

    I think currently everyone is stuck at max "1800rpm" (AIO) and for most people it's plenty to keep the CPU quietly cool
  10. View71

    Thermaltake 360 Floe Ring 360 Premium pump issue

    Not sure what is going on but comparing your CPU voltages (under stress) I have same CPU ~1.2v (value) while you on ~1.4v which is quite steep My package temperature under stress is ~60C Perhaps try resetting to system/bios defaults and see?
  11. View71

    Thermaltake 360 Floe Ring 360 Premium pump issue

    Yes, the RPM adjust to the actual CPU temperature - in your case 40C the pump should run ~1300 rpm idle and under stress go up to ~1700 which usually is sufficient to keep the stressed CPU under 70C all provided your in-case temperature is no more than 5C higher than room temperature. Perhaps post a screenshot of TT RGB plus - lets see what's the temp display is there?
  12. View71

    Latest TT RGB Plus update ruined the software

    1) being on "Wave" is default behaviour when installing since a long time. Delete the Tt folder (C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Tt) and recreate your custom profile 2) Save/archive the TT_RGB_Plus_Setup_1.2.xx software and you can reset to older versions any time
  13. View71

    Choosing a Liquid Cooler (AIO)

    Every Rad 360 (or bigger) outperforms a Hyper 212 no matter which brand - temperatures will be ~10C better/lower
  14. yes, both sides of the Rad - if you use same type/size/speed of fans there is no problem. However this is usually not necessary when the Rad is large enuf.
  15. View71

    View 71 Owner's Club

    You can always mount a smaller Rad. no problem but watch the hose length to still fit on the CPU - it can get too short!
  16. Yes, exactly but I would like to see this hard coded into the controller hence they can't mess with that any more
  17. The real problem here is the controller is too cheap to (re)start on its own with given/memorized settings - it would cost at most $5.50 to implement such a auto restart function but apparently no way for TT to do this (let alone in a standard Win user account). Do they realize that the Floe 360 cost ~$269 in Australia? ... come again?
  18. View71

    TT RGB PLUS 1.2.61 0 °C CPU Reading !

    Fortunately not a general issue - working fine here!
  19. View71

    What are the truths about liquid cooling?

    The AIO is a sealed unit hence service free - I have the floe 360 and it just works increasing my room temperature (in summer) but keeps the CPU cool! If you are in the USA $200 buys you alot but here in Australia you pay ~100 bux more for the same unit no matter which manufacturer. Pick any cooler you want coz it's a hit/miss with most manufacturers - there is no production QC any more hence no real manufacturer warranty but your country of residence should provide a consumer protection scheme manufacturers have to abide in case of a dispute.
  20. View71

    Full custom loop 9700k running hot

    Okay, all your exclusive thread! Enjoy it!
  21. View71

    Full custom loop 9700k running hot

    I am not particularly into Intel but my Ryzen 2700+ is @1.3V under stress (no OC) while idle @0.7V .. and temperature hardly ever exceeds 61C under load
  22. View71

    Floe Riing RGB 240 Fans Not spinning

    You say on port 2 is a Ring Plus fan connected but still a Warning.... leaves 2 possibilities: 1) That fan is a dud 2) That port is a dud switch fan on that port 2 and see if that works - if same problem the controller port is bad or if possible use another port if available just my opinion...
  23. View71

    Full custom loop 9700k running hot

    Are you sure there is proper contact between CPU/heatsink? Sometimes there is a thin foil on the heatsink side - checked/removed that?
  24. View71

    Floe Riing RGB 240 Fans Not spinning

    the fans are all Ring Plus / Ring RGB is the pump hence you got 2 fans and 1 pump - no Lumi Plus you have connected the usb and power cable too? should look like this (Floe 360 here):
  25. View71

    TT Riing software - CPU usage

    No such problems here... I am on a Ryzen system btw.. only thing it takes 61MB ram which is quite chunky footprint but otherwise all fine. There were a few high CPU usage threads here but I dint follow those..