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  1. Hi, I have 8 Riing Plus 12 LED RGB Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition - https://www.thermaltake.com.au/Cooler/Case_Fan_/Riing/C_00003056/Riing_Plus_12_RGB_Radiator_Fan_TT_Premium_Edition_5_Fan_Pack_/design.htm - Link for my fan so there can be no confusion. With the new update to the TT RGB PLUS Software V 1.2.0 released on 2018/07/16 I seem be having an issue that is quite irritating. Before anyone says this isn't the correct software which I've been told, this is the software listed on the support page for my product. Firstly now with the new software if it isn't running as a background task the lights on the fan don't work. I never used to have the program open displaying in the taskbar to have the lights working but now if it isn't a background task the lights don't work anymore. I'm guessing this is just a new implementation by Thermaltake which I can live with but is annoying since I didn't need it as a background task before. Secondly now when my PC goes to sleep the lights on my fans stop working. When i wake up my PC the lights continue to stop working and I have to manually close the software from the task tray and reopen it manually for the lights to kick in again. Does this happen to anyone else with the new software? I have tried reinstalling it with no luck and I have no access to previous versions to test them out. I emailed Thermaltake to ask them for access to previous versions and they said they couldn't provide me access to it. If anyone could provide any word on this issue on how to fix or if they are getting it also would be appreciated. Thanks
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