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  1. thanks, it was actually a green circle to disable empty ports on the second controller, now the fan error is gone. I still have to restart the software everytime I change a fan color or profile for it to "take" but that seems like a separate issue, maybe I'll re-install and see if that helps. Thanks for your help.
  2. thank you. I followed these directions and the second controller appeared int the interface as controller 2. I was able to configure the extra fan by switching to controller 2 in the software. Everything was working as expected. After a restart, however, I got a warning controller 2 error, and the controller 2 icon is now red in the interface. I can't change the fan's colors anymore, just the light pattern, and when I try to save a profile, the fans on the original controller change color, or shut off, at random. Not sure sure what I should do! I tried unplugging everything, restarting, plugging back in, restarting, still the same issue.
  3. I have a 5 fan Riing Plus setup with the 5 port non-sync controller. This controller connects to a USB header on the motherboard. I want to add another Riing Plus fan, and this controller can be daisy chained according to Thermal Take, so I purchased another 5-port controller and another Riing Plus fan. The controller came with a USB header/Micro usb cable, a molex power cable, and the "bridge" cable (this has a four-pin connector on one side, and a Micro USB on the other). The directions are not clear, they only indicate that you can plug the bridge cable into the second controller. I tried plugging the four-pin side of the bridge cable into the first controller, and the micro-USB side of the bridge cable into the second controller. I connected molex power and my extra Riing Plus fan into the second controller. I powered on the system and the second controller was not recognized in the Thermal Take software (v1.2). The extra fan did spin up in default RGB mode, I assume because it was getting power from the second controller. But, no second controller showed up in the TT software. Did I connect everything together? I shut down, disconnected and reconnected and it still didn't work. Thanks!
  4. Thanks Tack. Does the riing plus controller monitor temperatures somehow? If I choose PWM in the software, the fans seem to speed up and slow down depending on workload, but it's not clear where they are getting monitoring data from. Thank you, PK
  5. I purchased a pre-built system with a 5 fan Riing Plus RGB configuration. The controller is aThermalTake 5 port RGB fan controller. I would like to add another two Riing Plus RGB fans. The motherboard is an ASUS PRIME Z370-P. I do not think this motherboard has an RGB header. What are my options? If i replace the 5 port controller with the 9 port premium controller, will I be able to us it if there is no RGB header on the motherboard? Does the 5 port fan controller connect via USB instead of an RGB header? I think an easy way would be to get another 5 port controller and daisy chain it, but I have not been able to find them sold separately from the fans. Thank you!
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