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  1. Well I have updated and to me with the fans pure plus 12, it does not solve anything, when it comes to turn off and turn on the computer, put another profile different from the last I used. The profile number 3, but knowing that it is a matter of improving the software I am more relaxed. Greetings and thank you
  2. ok, thank you very much, do you know something about how often you get an update, or if there is a portal to keep up to date with the latest software updates? ...Thank you for the help and best regards
  3. Thank you very much, effectively solved, I supposed it was something of that but I did not know how to disable them. As you see in the previous image, I have 3 profiles created, according to the use of the pc, and I do not know why but when turning off and on the PC, I automatically get the profile number 3, when I would like it to be 1, or be able to choose I do not know how to do that, I promise it is the last thing I ask. XD. Thank you very much for the help!!!!
  4. Thank you very much !!!, has re-checked all the connections and seen in the controller, that as only I have only 1, which controls the 3 fans, had the buttons. I have put them as in your image and my name is you have recognized them. The only thing that now hurts me is the following error, can I say that you owe me and that I can remove it? Thank you very much for the help !!!
  5. Of course, thanks for answering.The truth is that I have assembled the team from scratch, and the fact that I can not control the fans has me that I do not know what to do.The specifications of my team are:Processor: Intel core i 5 8600k Motherboard: MSIz370 tomahawkRAM Memory: 16gb gskill ripjaws 3000 mhz Liquid refrigeration: Enermax liqmax 240.(I put this because 2 of the 3 fans of thermaltake) Remember that they are pure plus 12, I have them in the radiator replacing the series fans that come with this cooling. Power supply: Corsair rm750w If you need any more information let me know.Thank you very much in advance and see if we can find the solution.Regards, and I feel my English is using the google translator. Greetings from Spain.
  6. Hello; I am having a problem when it comes to being able to manage the software, I bought the thermaltake pure plus 12. And when it comes to opening the application, I get the following error: could not find fan controller please check the fan controller is connected: Error Code H_0x0001 Could you please tell me what I did wrong. The 3 fans are directly connected to the controller, then a connection of 4 pinies to molex so that it has power, and I have connected the long cable, which comes with 2 micro usb sockets, 1 of them to the hub and the other directly to the board, leaving the other microbus connection unconnected since I understand that this is in case you want to connect another separate controller. Currently I can not have 3 rgb fans which I can not handle in any way. Also say that the switches have left ON, only the first 3, the corresponding to which I have currently connected. The switch with the number 4 is OFF. I would appreciate your help, and many thanks in advance.
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