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  1. justus66


    It may be that the filter of the keys was activated (for me it was that). Just go into the hidden icons and click on the stopwatch and turn off. ____________________________________________________ https://downloader.vip/the-pirate-bay/ https://downloader.vip/yify-yts/ https://downloader.vip/rarbg/
  2. justus66

    Need help with choosing new gaming keyboard.

    the Roccat Vulcan is a good keyboard with a neat design, good finishes, good typing quality, its Titan switches is responsive and its sound setting is fast. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Mini Militia App Lock 7Zip
  3. justus66

    Question about TTesport Iris

    Hello, if you always ask the question then the answer is blue, because mine is blue. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Minecraft Pocket Edition Google Play Services Counter-Strike
  4. it is very convenient and it looks very comfortable, always available? _______________________________________________________________________________________________ CommBank GEICO Chase Online
  5. for me it is the forma, it must be adapted as much as possible to the morphology of the hand to be comfortable, the sensor is also important but most mice have advanced sensors. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Mini Militia App Lock 7Zip
  6. justus66

    Ventus X RGB wont enter sleep mode ??

    hello, I do not know too much, but have you checked if there is a funcsionality that allows to activate the sleep mode? _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Minecraft Pocket Edition Google Play Services Counter-Strike
  7. When I want to install Emu4u on my smartphone it puts me that I can not install it, it asks to reesay without success, what to do?
  8. justus66

    Reboot level10m gaming mouse

    Me personally did not have a chance, the two mice that I had (level 10) had problems (button that did not work well), brief return to service. Already it does not put in trust. But I must admit that it was not very pleasant to use and I did not find it very precise. I preferred to use Razer later although I would probably take a logitech to finish. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Tutuapp Kodi Lucky Patcher