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  1. Overstating product capabilities and then requiring fan controllers and usb hubs plus your garbage TT plus bloatware is #### disgusting. Almost every day someone tries to buy either one of your cases or aios from my work and I go OUT OF MY WAY to give them discounts on BETTER PRODUCTS just so YOU LOSE MONEY. You slant eyed cocksuckers are going to learn one way or another.
  2. TTGarbage


    This is the WORST AIO on the market. It can't even cool 8700k 4.4ghz 1.25v 2 seconds of OCCT small data stress test 90c I don't know if the people out there claiming 5ghz with low temps are delidded or full of ####. Customer service is GARBAGE.
  3. I have it installed on an ASUS maximus x formula and in the bios the RPM is reading ~1800 which is half of the rated RPMS for this AIO which is probably why I"ve been having heat issues for a year. I just can't seem to get it to run on full power. I set the q-fan to full that didn't work, i read you have to disable q fan completely and set the monitor to ignore and that didnt work. I tried both PWM and DC modes with full time %100 curves and that didn't work. I'm stumped and i know this is my cooling issue. The pump otherwise works fine, I don't think it's defective. This bios is still manufacturer 0220 from 2017 and I've been reluctant to update it due to me not wanting to lose a $2k computer, but if that's the issue i'll risk it. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I found the manual on the website but it doesn't show exactly how I would go about taking the top of this case off. I just want to expose the 240mm AIO radiator to test temps as I'm having issues. Anyone have experience with building or taking apart this case?
  5. I've tried everything. My apartment has ####AC that can keep my living room/kitchen at 78f/25c but can't keep my room at the same temp with this computer on. During the summer here I'm hitting 82f/27c which is giving me realbench and cinebench benchmark temps of ~82-84c which isn't bad I guess, but I feel it should be waaaaaaay lower for this voltage/clock speed. Every forum I've posted on, all the different things i've tried all pointed to either thermal paste, bad contact, bad airflow, too many volts, or bad aio. Everything has been eliminated except the AIO which I'm trying to test now by lowering the ambient temp in my room to 75f/23c, but the thermometer in front of me reads 79f so I"m guessing my AC can't hack it. So far no real substantial change in temp while under benchmark load in realbench or cinebench.
  6. Yea I checked for this. No spaces like this out of all the reapplications of thermal paste.
  7. Holy #### guys, 37 views not a single one of you has a clue. Last time I buy anything from TT.
  8. I have an 8700k @ 4.4ghz all cores synced, 1.25volts being cooled by the floe riing 240. Thing hits 81c under load according to hwinfo62 and core temp. 84 -85c on some cores during realbench benchmark. Is this AIO not enough? I've reapplied thermal paste 12 times, not exaggerating, with no decrease. In fact I gained ~2c. I should mention I live in a desert and the ambient temp is 27c/82f roughly. It's an ASUS maximus x formula mobo, and up until 5 minutes ago the pump was being controlled by q-fan controls on a curve, so I turned it to full speed and ran realbench again, still hot. Any information would be helpful, thank you.
  9. Since the last patch my chosen light mode can't be saved to a profile. Every time it opens I have to set them all manually again. It's not a huge issue but it is fairly annoying. Also, the program tends to crash every couple of days, usually after I exit a game. All I did this morning was check out some garbage on twitch for like 5 minutes and when I closed the window (google chrome), tt rgb crashed.
  10. It was because the software wasn't working. I still had the 'cannot find fan controller" error so the fans were spinning at like 800 rpm. I managed to get the controller working by opening up the back panel and unplugging the power connection and plugging it back in. The fans are now at 1600 rpm each and i'm getting like 77c max.
  11. I just played about two hours of Dying Light, max settings. I had Hwinfo running in the background monitoring temps. I was in the mid 80's on a few cores, 87c on one core. Are these normal temps paired with this cpu cooler or do i need to reapply thermal paste? Again: 8700k stock Riing Floe 240mm (that i can't control due to error)
  12. Alright i'll try iBUY first to see if I can't solve this problem.
  13. I don' think i'm going to be able to RMA the controller. This computer was built for me by ibuypower so I don't have the original box the cooler came with or a receipt. I have an invoice for the computer that's it. As for all the other things, updates and microsoft redist, It's all up to date. I don't know what "tape note" is. I'm gonna open up the back and see if I can't unplug the wire back there.
  14. ROG Maximus X Formula 8700k with this Floe riing 240mm G.skill trident Z 3000mhz 16gb 1080 FTW2 1000watt evga GQ I only have one controller. I read power cycling the controller while the pc is on fixes the problem but the 4pin molex power cable is impossible to remove in the confined space of my case and there's no slack on the other wires to pull it out a bit.
  15. I'm having the same issue, can't find fan controller error code:h_0x0001. I don't know which wire is the power and i'm not just gonna start pulling wires to reset this stupid controller. This is ridiculous, the #### should just work out of the box.
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