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  1. You just need a high seat when your infant begins on strong nourishments at a half year old. At this stage, she ought to have the capacity to sit up and hold her head without anyone else. With a high seat, she can eat with mother and father — or sit and play on the off chance that you've just nourished her — during supper. It might be an untidy development, yet it is a vital one. Here are a couple of things to remember while exploring for a high seat. We've likewise incorporated a couple of high seat mothers love presently additionally down underneath: 1. Push and shake the high seat before purchasing At the store, shake or push the high seat to check whether it's steady and study. It might feel senseless, yet it's an imperative wellbeing check. One mother on SmartParenting.com.ph's Parent Chat shared a startling story of how her infant hit his head hard when the high seat gave at an eatery tipped over. "He pushed the table before him falling in reverse and hitting his head on the floor," said client Mommyjazz. She shared that the high seat had legs that went straight down as opposed to being calculated to give it soundness. It was not marked also. "It was only a high seat with armrests, no safety belts and legs there were excessively steep and straight," said the mother. More from Smart Parenting 'I Ended Up With 4 Strollers in My Hunt for the Best One' 'I Ended Up With 4 Strollers in My Hunt for the Best One' 2. Check the safety belts Avoid high seats with saddles that look unstable or are excessively troublesome, making it impossible to utilize. "Ensure you can without much of a stretch work the bridle latch, yet your youngster can't. On the off chance that it's troublesome for you to utilize, you may be enticed not to utilize it each time your tyke is in the seat, which is an error," said Consumer Reports in their high seat purchasing guide. Buyer Reports suggests picking a high seat with a five-point bridle, which means one with ties for the abdomen, groin, and shoulders as "they can keep a kid from standing or hanging over in a high seat and perhaps falling or tipping the seat over." 3. Elastic or froth seats are simplest to clean Your infant's high seat will get muddled. Seat cushions that are made of elastic or froth will make tidy up less demanding. You'll discover high seats with situate covers that are machine launderable, so you can simply hurl it in the clothes washer on clothing day. You can have a look at the best high chair 2018 available on Amazon.
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