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  1. Unfortunately I can't access my computer today, but I tried 1.1.6, 1.1.7, and 1.2.1 to the same results. Windows 10, x64. As far as I know Windows is fully updated. I can try C++ reinstall this weekend, do you have a guide? Do you mean #games installed? Around 20. I use Spotify desktop app, discord, and Firefox primarily aside games.
  2. I didn't research thoroughly enough my motherboard's compatibility with the SYNC and that's my fault. However I'm convinced there's a software issue. I tried starting the software (1.2.1 fresh install) with both, 1 only, 2 only, and neither. Every time the Windows mouse loading animation ran for a few seconds and then nothing else. I think it's important to note the Windows USB plug in/pull out sound played when removing and adding both controllers. There's nothing I can imagine that would be blocking the program from opening. The only thing I have installed on this PC is games and basic media applications. I'd like to also mention that the FLOE radiator mount screws have rounded heads that cause the V21 vent panel to warp. It still fits and screws in without much fuss but it is noticeable.
  3. I have the CL-W157-PL12SW-A and CL-F054-PL12SW-A, all 7 fans running. The software- version 1.2.1 worked great with the 5 pack. I installed the aio 240, and was able to connect it to the software. The only thing else that changed at the time was adding 16GB of ram. I tried uninstalling and deleting all TT folders and reinstalling, no luck. I bought the TT sync as my motherboard has an LED header, but I just opened it up and my motherboard apparently doesn't have the right header (mine has 4 pins, the header provided for ASUS has 3, even though my MOBO says the header is designed for AURA.
  4. Hello, Recently built a new rig with the Riing premium 5pack. The software controlled everything perfectly with no hiccups. After a couple weeks I bought and installed the Floe aio CPU 240. It went great, the software recognized the second controller and I went to customizing the rad fans and CPU block. On my next startup the fans started in the default mode instead of my profile. When I tried to open the software the busy pointer ran for ~1 second and nothing happened. Now the fans are all in default, and the software won't start. I tried running in admin mode, I tried installing older versions, re installing the latest version. Please help! I love these fans but I want to be able to control the rgb! I can still manually control them through bios and MSI afterburner, but it still sucks I can't change the colors. Does anyone know if I can control the RGB with Asus Aura? So far I haven't been able to do so. My build, for reference: TT Core v21 Asus TUF B450m-plus Gaming Ryzen 2700 Asus ROG 1080ti OC 4*8 (32GB) Gskill TridentZ rgb 3200 cas16 Riing 5pack, Floe aio CPU 240, 2 controllers using the Riing5x provides double uUSB plugged into internal USB2.0
  5. ThermalMike, I recently built a PC with a Riing 5 pack. The software worked wonderfully. I then installed a FLOE 240 CPU radiator in addition to the 5 fans. The dip switch on the second controller was set correctly. The software recognized the new fans and CPU block and I was able to set up the profiles on controller 2 the same as I had them on controller 1. Upon my next computer restart the software will not open at all. I tried running in Admin. I tried both 1.1.7 and 1.1.6 linked above. The software will not open and in Task Manager the HID app is the only thing running. Help! Eric
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