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  1. Barrow TT71TG-SDB, Waterway Boards For TT View 71 TG/TG RGB Case, For Intel CPU Water Block & Single/Double GPU Building Has anyone seen this or tried it? Anyone aware of similar products by other brands? It looks like it's of questionable quality. Especially b/c: There are no stats on the pump or otherwise. Claims like, "Only compatible with Barrow's all Intel CPU water blocks." What's stopping someone from using w/e they want?
  2. Thanks for your reply. Do you mind if I ask which models you used? I'm getting the sense like the CE 420 (top) and XE 360 (front) is the way to go. EKWB's site says 2 radiators max on the loops so anything more would likely need a separate loop or another/stronger pump at least it seems.
  3. I'm looking for people's experience using EKWB radiators et al. in the View 71. I'm trying to decide if it's wise to try to max out thermal dissipation capacity or go for a less cramped fit. Any examples you guys may have from personal experience or found of others would be much appreciated. Also, I'm baffled by the space to mount radiators and fans, since there would be a very poor seal w/major loss in CFM. I saw one mention of this by of someone who used a Dremel tool to customize the case further. I'd be interested to hear how others dealt with this (or didn't). tia
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