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  1. I'm talking about the EPS connector. My two GPUs are properly powered using the PCIe connectors. I'm not even doing any OC just yet, and the board is still not stable, especially when booting (it is stable after the OS has been loaded though). Actually I don't really think that the 4 pin EPS would make any difference, but I want to rule out any cause that I could resolve easily without swapping the board itself.
  2. Thanks for your advice! I looked and I've already found such a cable online.
  3. I've got an ASUS Rampage V board with the Toughpower DPS-G 1050. The board features a 8-pin and another 4-pin auxiliary power connector. Usually, the 8 pin connector is used for power hungry CPUs and OC scenarios, so I connected the included 8-pin cable with the PSU. But I do have some stability problems and it has been suggested that connecting the 4 pin connector additionally could improve the stability. Unfortunately, there's just no additional connector available on the PSU. I'm not sure if it would make any sense to branch the existing cable to get another 4 pin plug - in the end the power that can be delivered through the cable would be the same. What's your opinion on this? Does the 4pin connector make any difference? Should I look for a way to branch the cable?
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