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    Dokuta reacted to Teszty66 in Alternative to TT RGB software   
    Hmm, that should not happen.
    You can try to enter the account name in this format: ".\account" or "PCNAME\account". So for ex. ".\teszty" or "TESZTY-PC\teszty"
    You could create the service manually with cmd. Make sure you run cmd as administrator first, then:
    sc create RiingPlusService start=auto binpath="<path to service>" displayname="Riing Plus Service" It will create the service to run as LocalSystem, you can change the user in the services management. If leave it to run as LocalSystem then you need to check the "Allow service to interact with desktop" checkbox.
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    Dokuta reacted to Teszty66 in Alternative to TT RGB software   
    I have not done much since last post so I guess Ill just post it. Maybe it will work for someone, I have had 0 problems with it so far.
    Dont know how long it will stay here as it will be probably deleted by TT.
    Make sure you are not running my program and the official one. They will both stop to work.
    To install you run "RiingPlus.Service.exe", it will ask you for administrator rights (needed for temperature reading), and follow the prompts. The service will install for the current user and will be set to autostart, but you can change that in windows service manager. To uninstall run it again.
    Then you run "RiingPlus.Gui.exe" to control the service. If you see a "waiting for service" dialog, the service probably failed to start. You can check why in windows event log.  By default your current settings will be left untouched, you have to create a new profile, select fans that will be in that profile and click save. Each fan can only be in one profile of each type. The types are:
    Normal Boot - when saved will apply fan speed/rgb settings at pc boot, after saving will revert to Normal profile for each fan if present Shutdown - will be applied  when service/pc is shutting down There are no error prompts and the app will just revert to correct/previous settings when saving if something is configured incorrectly.
    By default the temperature update is every 250ms, and fan speed update is every 2500ms. This can be changed in "config.json", not available in gui yet.
    Ofc I give you no warranty that it will work, or that your pc wont catch on fire. I tested only with one controller with riing plus fans but it *should* work with multiple controllers and fans. If something wont work, ill try to update but dont expect 24/7 support.
    edit: If you cant download the attachement, try this: <old version>
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