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  1. http://www.filedropper.com/ttrgbplussetup127x86 http://www.filedropper.com/ttrgbplussetup1261x86 or https://github.com/MoshiMoshi0/TTController
  2. You can create an issue on github, I'll help you set it up how you want it. I mean, I know it is not the best and it needs some work but I think it should be enough to install and at least test that it detects your controllers. You can always create an issue.
  3. Github version has Razer Connect/Sync implemented for anyone that has problems with the official software.
  4. As an advice, do not upgrade this software if you have it somewhat working. It is was written by the son of the son of the intern that was tasked with supporting this ####. Best would be to use one of the custom apps: TTController (windows service) or linux_thermaltake_riing (python) Or write your own ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. I dont think you can buy that controller separately, it is always included with the Riing fans. You should have bought this package: https://www.thermaltake.com/Case_Fan/Case_Fan_/Riing/C_00003219/Riing_Plus_20_RGB_Case_Fan_TT_Premium_Edition_Single_Fan_Pack_with_Controller_/design.htm But I guess you got it without the controller: https://www.thermaltake.com/Case_Fan/Case_Fan_/Riing/C_00003229/Riing_Plus_20_RGB_Case_Fan_TT_Premium_Edition_Single_Fan_Pack_w_o_Controller_/design.htm So dont know how you should get one now, probably write to thermaltake if you can buy one separately, maybe there is one ebay, or you could just buy some more fans that come with the controller.
  6. This controller you posted does not connect to usb ports so it cant be controlled by software. You can only connect it the the motherboards rgb header to sync lighting with other compatible devices. And if it has a fan header cable that you connect to the motherboard then you should be able to configure the speed from the bios. It pretty much says all this on the page.
  7. PR22-D5 is a closed loop pump and I dont think those should be controlled via pwm. Thats why it has a manual speed switch. I think only Floe Riing can be controlled via motherboard pwm since it has a fan header cable.
  8. #1 Yes, different controller but same software #2 Because the software is #### #4 You cant. / No, there is a pwm curve build into the software you cant change. #5 If you know the pinout I guess it should be possible. #6 Knowing thermaltake the first detected sensor from your cpu (so probably core 1) For more customization check this.
  9. Try this (old or new version): If this doesnt detect your controller then its dead or there is compatibility issue with windows or motherboard. Maybe try it on different pc.
  10. Its a bot that auto generates posts based on the thread content I think, and then appends some ads. There is a lot of them in the forums.
  11. Yes, it is more designed as configure once and forget type thing. But it is not that cumbersome to do, basically you go to "Manage Service" menu, there you can keep easily restarting the service each time you edit the config. I have a low priority todo item that would add live reload of the config but I dont think it is worth the effort.
  12. That means asus has built in the controller into their motherboards, pretty cool. 99% of motherboards have a simple pwm controller that just reads cpu temperature and thats it. So having a separate box like thermaltake does means you can support more systems and dont have to worry about compatibility. Dont know about their official software but I wrote my own and it never failed once. You kinda confirmed that their software is bad, because windows does not cause the software to fail on its own. Not a fan of any os, each has their place.
  13. Not true, the controllers work just fine after resuming from sleep, they didnt add support for that in their software so there is no way for it to work. Because it allows you to customize the fans even more? What if you want your front fans to respond to the temperature of the gpu instead of the cpu? What if you want to quickly switch profiles from gaming to quiet. There is a lot you can do when you can fully control everything. You have separate loop for cpu and gpus, currently if you would render something using 100% of gpu and 0% of cpu your fans would not spin faster and they would reach high temperatures. Similarly if you are using 100% cpu and 0% gpu you have 8 fans that are making noise unnecessarily. I would rather suggest adding one pwm input like in the sync controller that would act as a fallback that would control the fans if there is no software controlling it present. And yes, the software is ####. Its not windows.
  14. Well, there is the same concept of boot/shutdown profiles in the github version, so you use the boot profile to change the defaults of the controller. You can have as many profiles as you want, but yeah the github version is more complex to setup. The documentation is still WIP and can be quite hard if you dont know what to do. You can create an issue here and I can help you setup the github version if you want, but the 1.7 should work just fine if you need simple profiles.
  15. The controller will use its default settings when there is no software controlling it. You can create a new profile and set its type to Boot and when you save it the controllers defaults will be set to those settings. But I think I made it so you cant stop the fans, you are forced to use manual speed so 20-100%. You can also set a Shutdown profile so when you are shutting down the system the fans will be set to a specific speed/rgb.
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