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  1. Teszty66

    Alternative to TT RGB software

    Well, there is the same concept of boot/shutdown profiles in the github version, so you use the boot profile to change the defaults of the controller. You can have as many profiles as you want, but yeah the github version is more complex to setup. The documentation is still WIP and can be quite hard if you dont know what to do. You can create an issue here and I can help you setup the github version if you want, but the 1.7 should work just fine if you need simple profiles.
  2. Teszty66

    Alternative to TT RGB software

    The controller will use its default settings when there is no software controlling it. You can create a new profile and set its type to Boot and when you save it the controllers defaults will be set to those settings. But I think I made it so you cant stop the fans, you are forced to use manual speed so 20-100%. You can also set a Shutdown profile so when you are shutting down the system the fans will be set to a specific speed/rgb.
  3. Teszty66

    Alternative to TT RGB software

    You just need to make sure its not running, remember to also disable autostart. It might some day but its a lot of work for something you use only once on first setup and never again. The github version is made so it is heavily and easily extensible with custom effects/speed controllers/triggers/new devices, this makes it hard to design a gui. Also with right triggers you can make it very dynamic, like for example switch profiles when a program is launched, or program a custom discord trigger that changes rgb when you get a new message etc. You probably had the official software running and something broke. The gui version would need a complete rewrite for it to be further developed since it is written in a very limiting way, this is because I had less knowledge about the inner workings of TT controllers. So it is unlikely I will work on this version again, maybe someday I will add a gui for the github version. The only supported effects in gui version are those builtin the controller, so I cant add more unless I rewrite 90% of the app. But you can write custom effects in the github version, if you have any in mind I could add those.
  4. Teszty66

    Alternative to TT RGB software

    I think you downloaded the version from github. It does not have gui right now, and probably never will due to the highly increased complexity compared to the old version. The old version is attached to the first post and it still works, but its much simpler and has some limitations (always assumes 12 leds and only uses built in effects)
  5. Teszty66

    Alternative to TT RGB software

    Yes it can. The manual mode goes only from 20% to 100%, but you can set the off mode to stop the fans or use the pwm mode so they stop below a specific temperature. Fyi the fans cant spin at speeds 1-19%, so its either 0% or 20-100%.
  6. Teszty66

    Alternative to TT RGB software

    Interesting, then my only suggestion is to try the github version because you can set how much leds each device has.
  7. Teszty66

    TT V1.2.61, F 2.0.3 Losing setup after wake from Sleep

    Everyone, and there is no fix because its how the software is written. There is no way to set PWM curves, but you can use this.
  8. Teszty66

    RGB software not saving settings

    Or they could make it a service so you would only need to elevate once to install the service. It even makes the fans work before you login. But no one seems to make software that way, I guess the money is in the hardware not in software. @Bioacid You can try this if you want.
  9. Teszty66

    Alternative to TT RGB software

    Please create a new issue here. Post the same info and translate to english if you can.
  10. Teszty66

    Alternative to TT RGB software

    @Eatsrootsnleaves Did you get to try the old or new app? I'm curious how it works with so many fans.
  11. Teszty66

    Alternative to TT RGB software

    ####, yeah this will be a good stress test for the app. I think it would be best to try the latest version. Please go here and follow the instructions, I'll then help you create a config to test your devices. The riing fans, PR22-D5 and Pacific RGB fittings should work fine. I know that Trio will not work correctly right now because of 3 zone settings, if you can help me get the data that I need I'll implement them. Dont know about the strimmer and the strips, if they are connected to the thermaltake controllers it should work.
  12. Teszty66

    TT RGB Plus software not working after sleep TEMPORARY FIX

    There is no problem with the controller, its that their software is #### and they just did not code support for sleep/wake. There is a command they send to the controller when the application starts, all they have to do is listen for sleep/wake events and reinitialize the controller/connection. This is what I do in my app and it works just fine with sleep and hibernate.
  13. Teszty66

    Alternative to TT RGB software

    LOL, well the pumps might be different but mine runs at 3000RPM on average load. And I think about 1500-1800 on idle. Also mine is setup differently, I have a dedicated pump port on my motherboard and Ive set the PWM curve to be always 100%, so it always gets full voltage, and then the RPM is controlled by the software/the pump itself based on temperature. Maybe it was not getting enough voltage on your previous BIOS settings and it was starting and stopping.
  14. Teszty66

    Alternative to TT RGB software

    Well, I dont know then. IMO it should not be doing that. Maybe the pump provides the wrong RPM values, or maybe HWMonitor is reading it wrong, or maybe the motherboard is providing the wrong value. There is a lot of stuff that could be wrong but it seems its just a problem with the values, if you dont feel the pump stopping and starting then the pump is fine. But for example my AIO spins the pump up and down depending on the load. If yours does not do that, your motherboard might not be controlling the pump correctly, or its by design and the pump always runs at static RPM. But that would be #### design from TT. You could read on how to connect AIO pump to your motherboard and how to setup PWM speed control in BIOS.
  15. Teszty66

    Alternative to TT RGB software

    Hmm how about service stopped and official software running? I dont think it should be doing that.