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  1. So I currently have a ROG Motherboard that has a single ARGB 5v Header and I want to replace the PSU of my current rig since that part doesn't sync up with Asus Aura. Problem is that most of the PSU's require a second 5V ARGB Header which I lack and won't connect to the TT Sync Controller AFAIK. Currently, The TT Sync Controller controls all the lighting in my rig and is connected to the only 5V header on my Mobo however I'm looking at either Cooler Master's Addressable RGB Splitter Cable, XSPC 8 Way 3 Pin ARGB Splitter Hub & ROG Aura Terminal(Pricy and hard to obtain in my area) as potential ways to add more ARGB Connections to my rig without needing to buy a whole new board. That said, has anyone tried using any of these with the TT Sync Controller?
  2. Recently, I purchased the parts to build me new rig and so far everything was going fine when I learnt that I can't connect the iRGB PSU to the Aura Sync Controller due to a cable difference. The USB cable provided with the PSU does connect to the MB but there is only one connection and it has already been taken by the Sync Controller which is also connected to the AIO Floe Riing and the Case Fans. So that said, how should I tackle this? Should I just leave the PSU's USB disconnected, can it be connected to the Aura Sync Cable or will I need to purchase additional hardware to have both the PSU and Sync Controller connected to the MB? Currently looking at the TT H200 Internal USB Hub as a potential solution.
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