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  1. LGabrielPhoto

    TT Sync is not able to daisy chain????

    So I am confused....this controllers supports only 9 devices. Now with my AIO 360 that is already taking 4 ports so instead of leaving me 6 ports for 3 front fans and extra 3 top mounted fans, I am left with only 5 available ports. So am I NOT able to daisy chain one of my regular RGB plus controllers to make sure all my fans are synced? Am I out of luck in such a configuration????
  2. This please https://www.flickr.com/gp/lgabrielg/8ixP4b Thanks
  3. LGabrielPhoto

    RGB Plus Update?!

    Just uninstall it and get the latest version. That fixed it for me as it kept failing to upgrade
  4. LGabrielPhoto

    RGB RAM Covers

    Still no news????
  5. LGabrielPhoto

    View 71 Owner's Club

    ignore my comment. Misread your message
  6. Obviously the website has them wrong as it lists it as been taller than it is long which is not the case so hopefully someone can measure it for me please. Thanks
  7. Hello! So looking at this photo: Is I use the HDD Racks to mount 4x3.5" HDDs but also want to use the 3 mounting spots for HDDs on the back, will there be any space left to route the sata and power cables from the HDDs Racks to the back of the mobo area? Cause it seems when you mount a 3.5"HDD it blocks the holes where the cables are coming through at least based on this photo. Help please before I order the case. Thanks!
  8. LGabrielPhoto

    View 71 RGB PLUS

    The whole way they display the View 71 fans like they were RGB Plus for the Regular RGB version is extremely deceiving and terrible customer service by Thermaltake. No idea who thought that was a good idea but I could see a lot of people taking legal action about this since it is really false advertisement.
  9. LGabrielPhoto

    Thermaltake View 91 has reset button?

  10. LGabrielPhoto

    CA-1I7-00F1WN-02 is this a new pack of the View 71 with 120mm fans?

    I want it for my new 9900k build and I agree that it looks stunning! One thing...can you tell me if there are plans for a revision of the floe Riing 360 cooler with longer tubing? My plans were to install it in front of the case to get cool air from outside but of all the AIOs in the market, that one is the one with the shortest tubing ever. :/ Performance, noise and looks are perfect but dang it you guys went super short with tubing and super long with fan cables... PS It seems to be like with current BF deals, its cheaper for me to buy the LED or RGB edition and a pack of RGB plus 120mm fans than buying the RGB plus directly lol
  11. I saw this model listed on the website which mentions it comes with 4x120mm fans while the ones I am finding online to buy have the 140mm instead. Anyone seen this one for sale so far? CA-1I7-00F1WN-02 Thanks
  12. Hello! I am trying to decide between these two for my new build. I have seen the reviews of the View 71 by Gamers Nexus for example and airflow seems very good thanks to the big gaps between the glass and frame. I am not sure if that is the case with the level 20 GT though. Anyone has experience with both? Thanks
  13. I have a HAF-X case but for my new build I figured I may as well get a nice glass case but that would still have decent air flow since my case is a high air flow case. I dont want to mount on top because my Asus 1080ti is not blower type so in a case like the View 71, I will be getting hot air from the GPU into the CPU cooler. That was the idea of mounting in front so the 9900k got the benefit of cooler air from the radiator. If I were to mount on top, I am better off keeping the HAF-x instead. So my options are keep what I have...get the evga CLC 280 and the View 71, or get the View 71 and keep the Floe 360 and change 1080ti to a water cooled one so I can place the radiator as rear exhaust.
  14. Such a shame that they didn't think things like this. It's like almost every aio is 400mm yet this one is much shorter. Oh well guess I am keeping my haf x or buying the case and sending back the cooler and getting the EVGA clc 280mm Bummer :/
  15. Ok is this really too short to install in the front of the View 71 case? I am looking at it form some photos and it looks like even on the side panel it barely makes it to the CPU. If this is the case, that would be one very strange lack of coordination within your departments so your very own products are not fully compatible with each other. Hope I am wrong cause I was about to order the View 71 or I may need to return the cooler since I dont think it will reach the front of any case looking at how short the tubing is.