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  1. I had this issue resolved once i had finally gotten my mobo and processor and authentic version of Windows 10. All was well until like Schlitzbull, I updated the TT software and it was back to the way it was before. Couldn't get it to work, tried all the same trick again which didn't work in the first place anyways. Now what I have done is mined through my Chrome downloads since you can't install specific versions of TT RGB on the TT website and found the older version that I had before, 1.2.8. I think it works now as it did before. Here's that file for this version of TT RGB 1.2.8 for those who've had the same problem. https://www.thermaltake.com/pub/media/productattach/db/support/TTRGBPlus_Setup_128_x64.zip
  2. Great. Now I’m worried activating my windows won’t fix my issue. I too contacted TT customer service but never heard anything back from them either. It was the day before I stared this thread. Idk how long ago that was. I too am in North America
  3. Do you too have the Activate Windows message in the bottom right of your screen?
  4. Ok then. Well thank you so very much for your time Tack. I will update you on whether or not it works after I get my new OS set up
  5. So I opened up Task Manager on startup and the software didn’t show up in my Apps or background apps despite it being enabled to launch when windows starts. Then I tried to open it and it showed up in my apps but said “not responding”. Then it didn’t open and after subsequent attempts the “not responding” didn’t show up again and the app still wouldn’t open. Now ive yet again delete my Tt file since it seems to be the only way to open the app. Under the hidden icons tab it shows as the first picture shows. When I hit the X on the software it won’t open again from the shortcut however it will open through the Launch button in the hidden icons tab. However now when I hit the exit in the hidden icons tab we go back to the same problem. It won’t open again. As you can see I have it checked off in the photo and in my task manager to launch TT RGB Plus upon startup. It just doesn’t do it Something else that I’ve noticed is that it’s a 32 bit software whereas I am running Windows 10 64 bit. However I can’t see now how that could be the problem being that my Spotify and Discord apps are also running 32 bit and work perfectly fine. Another thing that I should probably make mention of is that I upgraded my windows 7 to windows 10 back when that free upgrade came out when 10 launched. However some time went by and then i got the “Activate Windows” message the bottom right just above my date and time as shown in the other photo. I am planning on buying a new windows key when I upgrade my HDD to SSD’s as my primary boot drive with the OS on it. The SSD’s i already own. However I can’t use them until I purchase a new motherboard which I can’t do unless I get an 8th gen cpu. All of these things I plan on doing very soon. I just currently lack the sufficient funds for the mobo and cpu. The third picture just shows my task manager with the app running after deleting the Tt files. Andddd for the sake of covering all my bases the final photo is my TT app with the settings that I’d like to keep for the time being. Thank you for your time
  6. After I turn my pc back on I have the same problem as I did in the beginning. The software pops up in the task bar but won’t open unless I delete the Tt file
  7. Hey man. So I’ve still got the same issue. Whenever I turn my computer off in any capictiy whether it’s a full shut down or just sleep mode, it still resets my settings to their default when I turn my PC back on. I even left my TT RGB Plus open and then put it in sleep mode and yet it still reset my fans! What’s more is that I couldn’t change my settings back in the launcher. I had to go back into my Roaming and delete the Tt file in order to interact with my fans again. This unrelenting process of having to constantly change my fan settings to what I want is getting old
  8. I got three Riing Trio’s plugged in. Oddly enough it seems that turning off those two extra slots actually fixed my issue. At least so it seems right now. I’ll keep you updated if things change but thank you very much for your assistance! You’re a life saver... if this continues to work anyways
  9. Alright. So I found the file, deleted it, reinstalled TT Plus and it worked! Problem is, once I set them how I wanted them again, I put my PC in sleep mode and went to bed. Now this morning I turned it back on to find the fans in their default setting. Just like the first time. So this time I only went into my Roaming and deleted the Tt file and the tried to boot up TT RGB Plus and to my surprise it worked. Again, I saved my settings. However now I went into my hidden icons and right clicked the software and exited out of the software. Immediately the fans set back to the default RGB state! It seems that every time I launch the the software it reinstalls the Tt folder. My problem seems to lie in there somewhere. something within there prevents my app from opening and my settings from saving Hows that possible? I am at a loss now yet again. Each time I launch the app after deleting the Tt folder it’s as if it’s my first time ever launching it. Each time this happens it brings up this “Warning”
  10. I can’t even seem to find Appdata\Roaming in my main user. I’ve got these tabs under users: First Pic Then one that has Appdata\Roaming is UpdatusUser, but I can’t access it! I’ve tried everything. Even some command prompt stuff. I am definitely the Administrator because I’m the only one on this PC. Second Pic Im using Windows 10 i should also make note that I have the newest TT Riing Trio 12 fans. Third Pic for reference
  11. I don’t know. Maybe. I’ll look into it some more
  12. I did not find that folder after uninstalling it
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