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  1. If there is no way to do what I asked, is there a way to have them register as generic buttons instead? I just want MORE buttons not to have several bound to the same key.
  2. Is there a way to get T1 - T6 to register as F13 - F18 or as generic buttons? I know the keys exist, but they're not on the Challenger Prime. Shift + F1 does NOT register as F13 despite basically every forum saying it does, so I assume I need to use Autohotkey. None of the very few scripts I've found have worked and I know nothing about scripting for the program, so I'm both lost and stuck.
  3. I think they made the Windows key get disabled in Game Mode as a way to get around misclicks, but I've never had that problem. I've found Profile 1 with Num Lock, the poll rate set to 1000Hz, and latency to 1ms to be by far the best setting. Also, my silence is because I'm waiting for someone to give a clear way to assign F13 - F18 to the macro keys so I didn't waste $30 on a keyboard I didn't actually need.
  4. What about making T1 - T6 register as F13 - F18? I know the keys exist, they're just not on the keyboard.
  5. I got mine yesterday, and I was wondering if there was a way to make the macro keys register as their own buttons instead of assigning them as others or a combo. Is that a thing, or would I need another program to make that happen?
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