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  1. I installed a fresh system Windows 2004. After installing the DPS G App 3.2.7. the software dont starts. No symbol, nothing. Old DPS G App 3.1.9 works, but installs 3.2.7. on its own and then the same bug appears.
  2. When TT RGB PLUS Software is running the mouse cursor flickers. As soon as I close the task everything is fine again.
  3. Thanks.... Now autostart works again !
  4. Can somebody plz help ? I need the installer file of TT RGB PLUS 1.2.7.
  5. I don´t have 1.2.7. on my hdd and TT only has 1.2.8 on their website. Do you can upload the 1.2.7 on Googledrive maybe ?
  6. Problem occurs with admin account too ! I have tried everything. Reinstalled 1.2.8. and deleted the TT Folder in /User/Appdata. All Profiles lost but no Autostart !
  7. Autostart isnt working since 1.2.8 ! Deinstalled 1.2.7 and installed 1.2.8. Now the software dont starts with windows ! Even when i click on "Run TT RBG PLUS Program when Windows starts" on the taskbar.
  8. Your new update show 0 °C CPU Temp. ! The Fans don´t spins up when CPU is getting hotter ! FIX IT FAST !!!!
  9. TT RGB 1.2.52 crashes on startup. 1.2.51 works well......
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