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  1. I think I just figured it out. I had to click save for each controller after selecting profile 1. I have controller 2 set to "copy" now it seems to be working. Thanks
  2. You're right, I cannot find a single pack of RGB plus 140mm fans. I only see 120mm. This is poor on Thermaltake's end to not sell single packs or replacement of the "stock" 5 port controller. They only have the 5 port sync controller (gigabyte / MSI motherboarding sync) and does not work with the TT RGB plus software.
  3. I have 2 spare fans from a 3 pack I bought. I can sell you one. Message me and we can discuss details.
  4. Hello, I have a 6 Riing Plus RGB plus fans hooked up across 2 controllers (5 + 1). I understand on the 1st controller I can set the light effect for fan 1 then for the remaining fans 2-5, I can select "copy color" to sync the lighting effect. My questions is, how do I sync the 2nd controller to the lighting effect of controller 1 without having to manually set it? Also, is there a way to sync the colors as well? For example, if I select "Aurora" all the colors are out of sync. Essentially, I want to sync the "effect" and the "timing of the colors" across all fans and both controllers? Thanks
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