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  1. Hi Jackie, Thank you so much, you are 100% right. It was that the brightness was off. Once I pressed it a few times, the colors turned on. I have the colors working again!
  2. Hi Jackie, I have tried turning off the software, including ending the task in Task Manager and restarting my computer. Once I turn the software off, my keyboard backlight effects disappear... but I cannot use any combination keys to turn it back on. I need to use the software to turn it back on again. Thank you.
  3. I bought and received my Hatsune Miku edition of the Neptune Elite RGB keyboard yesterday, played around with it, and it was working perfectly fine. I then downloaded the gaming software that the manual and website suggested (NEPTUNE ELITE RGB HATSUNE MIKU Edition, bottom of the page) and this morning, it looks like it started to cause issues with the keyboard not being able to change color/backlight profiles. I can only change them within the software, not using combination keys (Fn+Insert/Delete/Home/End/PgUp/PrtSc/ScrollLock/PauseBreak) It may be an issue with the firmware/driver with the latest update that seems to have released quite recently? My current version info is displayed on my software installation. If anyone has any ideas what I should do or if I should wait for a new driver/firmware update, then please let me know! It's a new keyboard, so I'd like to have it working perfectly instead of seeing some malfunctions. Thank you very much! PS. I may have been testing different buttons and combinations, so my issue MAY have resulted in accidentally locking the effects on the keyboard? I am not sure, but that may be a possible branch of mis-choices that caused my issues. Please let me know if you have any ideas...
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