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  1. EVGA 550 G2 $85 ($70 after rebate) @ newegg. Fully modular. Very efficient and has semi-fanless mode which makes it silent when idling. Top notch reliability. 7 year warranty. If you want to cheap out: Antec Neo Eco 620C $65 ($40 after rebate) @ newegg. It's not modular, and it's based on a somewhat dated design, but at the same time it's been proven reliable and it should run very quiet because of the extra wattage overhead. And it's super cheap if you don't mind filling out a rebate form. Only 3 year warranty though. If you want to have room for pretty much whatever upgrades you can dream of in the next 7 years, grab a Corsair RM750. $80 after promo code an mail-in rebate. RM series is extremely quiet and covered by 5 year warranty. It's certainly overkill for what you have now though.
  2. For that setup, about 500 watts is enough. As for which particular unit, obviously you'll want a reliable and high quality unit. The case supports any normal ATX PSU, even ones with fixed cables, but with modular cables you'll be able to cut down on unnecessary cable clutter. Where are you buying from?
  3. Hello, Two questions: 1) Can I order a third meshed & filtered panel? I'm in Europe (Finland), perhaps there's a Thermaltake warehouse nearby that can supply spare parts? 2) Is it difficult to remove the feet from the floor panel and attach (e.g. glue) them to the corners of a meshed panel? Or do I have to look for custom feet? The reason I'm asking - I want to use a vertical motherboard orientation with fans blowing to the graphics card from below the case. However, the standard case floor panel is not optimal for this purpose - I would rather have a large filtered area for the fans. However if I use a mesh panel as the floor panel, the case has no feet, I need to attach new feet to the corners. Thanks
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