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  1. Hello, all! I own a Toughpower TPD-0750M PSU, which continues to work great. Nice job, Thermaltake! But now I need to provide additional power connectors for 6 or maybe as many as 8 more new SATA HDDs (I have plenty of available SATA data connectors). But while I have several unused 8-pin female connectors on the PSU itself, all of the 6-port SATA power connectors on the PSU are already in use. Now, I know that I could use one of those 6-pin power ports by attaching a series of extra SATA power connectors for all the new drives, but my gut says using a single 6-port PSU slot to power perhaps eight 3.5" SATA HDDs isn't particularly wise (but I'm not an electrical engineer, so what the heck do I know?) What I'm here to ask is whether I could safely insert an additional 6-pin male SATA power connector to one of the available 8-pin female connectors on the PSU? And if so, which side of the 8-port connector should I insert it into? The left six as you face the PSU connectors, or the right six? Even if I had the 8-port connector's wiring diagram, I'm realize that I'm not capable of determining the answer to this question. That's why I'm turning to you folks. What do you think? Thanks!
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