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  1. ok, the support send me an other "cable usb2.0/miniusb" i receive it , i change my old (but new) cable i delete and reload the TT DPS G app but same message when i open the APP TT DPS, "pls connected your usb" i am so sad and i want cry... can you help me more please , Mr moderator ?
  2. ok, you are welcome, i give you an email with my private email, i hope you receive it ! thanks mr moderator
  3. it is normal, this Publicity of ROUTEUR TECHNICAL SUPPORT ? it s a joke !!! what think the MODERATOR of that ? i waiting OFFICIAL TT answer , not a bad news with my phone money…. Always no news of taiwan or Europe , so i wait, i wait, i wait, again and again …..when you want support TT !
  4. this is the answer of Support Europe by mail . so, how many times ! it's same with app 3.1.1 Vers " your E-Mail was send directly to our Junkmail folder. I forewarded your problem to our tech department in Taiwan and waiting for a response now. " i wait …...
  5. ok, thanks, i send a mail at Europe with photo, thanks again i come back if i have more information
  6. hello I have since this week a power supply Thermaltake iRGBPlus 1250 w http://fr.thermaltake.com/Alimentation/Toughpower_iRGB_Series_/_/C_00003081/Toughpower_iRGB_PLUS_1250W_Titanium/Design.htm I plugged all the cables, my computer works very well. However, this power supply has an RGB Fan configurable with the TT DPS G PC app application which is downloadable from the manufacturer's website. https://dps.thermaltake.com/en/product the installation of the application is going well. But when I open this application, a message "Could not set up a connection with power supply. Please make sure your Thougpower DPS is successfully connected to computer via USB. " and the application window remains empty with this message in bulk in a window beside I infer that I have to plug the USB plug. But I did!! I plugged the miniUSB of the power supply to my internal USB 2.0 socket of the motherboard (Rampage VI EXTREME) ? This socket on motherboard works because I try with another device (Fan RGB) someone have a solution for me, please, thanks