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  1. I wanted to sum up what i wrote before. Basicly, we want a windows 10 update for TT Meka G-unit Gaming mechanical keyboards. Several people opened this topic previous years and mods responded them like this They offer you win 8 update and claim that they tried the version in their windows 10 systems. But that's not acceptable, cuz too many people having multiple issues due to compatibility. then i see the true colour behind of it. They don't wanna give back up. Cuz the production is over. But there is a small issue in there. IT IS STILL ON SALE ! Too many tech markets in too many countries still selling the g-unit. So thermaltake have have 2 ways, first, you make a proper update works with windows 10, or call your products back if you can't stand behind it. Also we don't want you guys make some impressive work or something, we just want a proper update works compatible with win10. Anyways if you gonna follow first path, i'm just gonna make a list contains bunch of issues just seen last couple days since i started having this product. -Media buttons don't work properly. When you press voice-up-down buttons more than 3 sec, PC get freezes. -Volume goes up or down 2 by 2 in Win10. But your in your application it works like 3 by 3. -Keyboard lose connection sometimes. And i have to remove the usb and plug it again.. -Macro keys can stuck sometimes during playing games. -Keyboard jacks defines itself to PC as " HOLTEK USB PHONE" and it works so unstable. you hear sometimes sizzles. Even low level volumes gives high level sound. It's definatly unbalanced if we compare with PC volume itself. For example 80 realtek volume = 10 keyboard volume. PEOPLE WHO WANT TO BUY THIS PRODUCT, I TELL YOU GUYS, IF YOU DON'T SEE THE WIN10 UPDATE ON THEIR WEBSITE, JUST DON'T BUY IT. I PAID 150$ FOR THIS, AND I RECOMMEND YOU GUYS DON'T BUY ANY GAMING KEYBOARD FROM THIS COMPANY. PS: 10 years PSU user of TT. I bought this keyboard couple days ago. I can send all documents if its requested. Tried with 2 different computers Desktop Specs: asus e3 pro gaming v5 motherboard, asus strix 1080, intel 6700k, and 1050 thermaltake psu. Laptop: Msi ge70
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