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  1. The software was working fine and after updating my BIOS, Asus x470, it now shows 0 degrees on the TT RGB plus software. Any ideas how to rectify this issue? Ive tried reinstalling TT RGB plus but fresh out of ideas with my limited knowledge!
  2. Sadly not only 12v headers :/ thanks for the advice though
  3. Went back to the original controllers and I'll see if my wonderful CPU overheating issues come back...
  4. I was using the 360mm AIO and 5 plus fans with their original controllers but have since bought the new 9 port hub. First issue is my mobo has only 4 pin RGB headers 12v so is incompatible. Annoying as until this point i stupidly assumed aura sync was a simple 'it just works option', I was wrong. Thought for now ill forgo the RGBness to just use the hub and have Qcontrol look after the fan speeds. This doesn't work either. I have 1 PWM connector plugged into CPU FAN 1 and all three of those fans are contorlled by Qcontrol. I then have 3 plugged in via CHAFAN1 and 2 on CHAFAN2. These 2 will only PWM one fan? so i have 3 fans out of the 8 just on max!! Really dont want to go back to the original controllers unless i absolutely have to, any ideas?
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