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  1. Single 420 rad on top. Was thinking maybe adding more, but I'll add as I go, always easy to add if needed.
  2. The View 71 comes with first generation analog control box and fans only. The analog control box is used to sync with either the rgb from a 5v header or 12v header. It can't be used with the plus software or sync controller. I made the same mistake. Edit: I wish the naming scheme was bit better because the "View 71 rgb" vs the "View 71 rgb plus" is too similar a name and can confuse people. I definitely was confused when I bought mine. Had I known, I would have gotten the plus version. I was confused about the plus version until just a few min ago; at first I thought all of them were plus versions; then purchased and then assumed since I got the gen 1 version, they all shipped out gen 1.
  3. Alright, so I finished my build a few weeks ago, but I was searching for minor tid bits of things and stumbled on this fourms, thought I might show you my build. Give some inspiration, and maybe different layout presentation. And in general to show off my build
  4. Yes, you can mount it where the 360 is mounted, but I would actually recommend either the front behind the intake fans, or the top with the fans in pull config, the fan being on the top rack.
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