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  1. It would be nice if it all integrated together without having so many different styles/variations of the same products. I bought the TT View 37 ARGB with a TT RGB 850w power supply and last the TT water 3.0 360 yet they all run independent color cycles, being that I am new to the RGB systems, (it has been over 10 years since I have built my last computer) I feel very disappointed I didn't have a better knowledge of these new visual upgrades before purchasing.
  2. Thanks View. The system has been running at 28c/80f. Now to solve the Can not find fan error, but I think that may be due to it not being the AIO version
  3. Ok saw a video on the 240 which had the same single cable coming from the block. Still concerned that I cant tell if the block is running. I hear no noise, cpu temp is around 28 degrees C - 82 degrees F. these temps are with no real load on the system. 3DMark got the cpu temp to over 90 degrees F
  4. Hi, Just bought the 360, I have watched a bunch of install videos for this product but it seems this model is newer than the videos. My problem is that unlike all of the videos watched, I can not seem to find a power cable nor input on the block, I have the 2 small cables plugged in, First from the RGB Module to the CPU Fan spot on the MSI Z390 Gaming Edge AC Motherboard the second from the block to the sys fan 1 spot. The Lights are on within the Fans on the Radiator but nothing on the CPU Block. I am also getting the error code h_0x0001 on my riing software which I have looked on the forums but haven't resolved that issue but I'm thinking it has to due with my block not having power?. My System.. MSI Z390 Gaming Edge AC Motherboard I7 8086k Processor 32 Gig Viper Ram MSI Armor MK2 RX 580 Video card TT ToughPower Grand RGB 850W Power supply TT View 37 ARGB Case
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