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  1. ankos

    Freezes TT RGB Plus

    No! Problems with freezing lights and crush the software is not fixing. It's a first. So.... I have a great news: sufficiently run "TT RGB Plus" software after freezing lights and software working is correctly. More informations for software developers: Except as six TT RGP Plus cullers with two controllers I have keyboard from Rizer brand and mouse pad from Rizer. Comes what the event when my keyboard and mousbad turnoff lights. After it diods on the fans freezing and on the task managers less "TT RGB Plus" process. Keyboard and mousepad play lights automated and after it I'm run your programm and all diods of fans is lightining. There may be a conflict Rizer with TT RGB Plus?
  2. ankos

    Freezes TT RGB Plus

    Window with warning I'm fixed. I'm dissabled all not used ports on first and secondary controller. After it aoftware running is correctly. I'm continue testing. May be freezing is stoped. I'm write message ASAP about testing.
  3. ankos

    Freezes TT RGB Plus

    By the way! If drop software, poweroff OS and turnoff power unit. After it disconnected secondary controller (I mean power from molex and bridge cables) and power on computer and boot operation system - TT RGB Plus software show window with "Warning Controller No. 1". ####???? If connected all and booting my PC. I see window with "Warning Controller No. 2".
  4. Hi all peoples! I'm buy any fans from RGB Plus series and case for my PC. I have six pieces of fans and two controllers. Both controllers connected of brige cables and first controller connected to USB 2.0 port of mainboard. My computer working with win10. I'm download from your website and install TT RGB Plus software version 1.2.4. This is version started with next window (IMG_20181209_112844.jpg) and emerge problems with sometime freezes of PC. After a while your software was updated to version 1.2.51 - the problem remained. But any reservations: first: sometimes freezes any software. For example IE or Excel, Edge, media players or any, but OS working I'm run explorer and show me my files of my drives, folders or desktop; second: If TT diods on fans freezes I'm runing process manager and studied list. Process list is not contain process "TT RGB Plus"; third: If run this is sowtware lights of my fans is not working correctly. For correctly runing software with diods of case I have to reboot OS only. For more information I'm provide topology of my controllers fist controller: 01 port - is run 02 port - is run 03 port - is run 04 port - is run 05 port - is not connected to fan Bridge connect to secondary controller 01 port - is run 02 port - is run 03 port - is not connected to fan 04 port - is not connected to fan 05 port - is not connected to fan Video of freeze here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWwf05B1Anw
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