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  1. Pretty exciting :)

    Just wanted to say i now cant see any of my fans on the program 1.6v from a cold startup. Interesting as nothing has changed. I restarted the service and suddenly it can see them and from there i re applied the groups. Probably doesnt matter much as you are writing a whole new program haha.

    I wonder if a full power cycle, ie completely dissconnecting the PC from power overnight has an affect on the control box in some way?

  2. 20 hours ago, visualarts said:

    P.S. I am waiting impatiently for new functionalities. Thanks

    :huh: err...


    Hey Teszty66,

    Still on 1.6v, still no issues i can comment on. :) Quick question though. Fan direction change. Is that possible? I asked thermaltake themselves and they seemed to think they could do it. I dont expect you to do it or anything, but you seem to know the ins and outs better than most people :lol:

  3. 2 hours ago, Teszty66 said:


    I do not understand why it would do that... I never had that happen.

    Do you guys install the service as LocalService or custom user? I assume you are sure you are not also running the official software? Also the recent updates to Aida64 added riing fan support and it breaks the service. The delayed start could help but it delays for 2 minutes, so thats no good.

    I guess I'll just disable the empty port check. It will show all ports all the time, kinda like official software, this should also enable rgb support for aio pump.


    edit: Added v1.7


    Ive installed as Local service. I also dont run AIDA64 and i do not have the OE software installed at all.
    Could just be my system being weird on occasion for no reason haha. Its only ever done it once and im still on v1.6. Im gonna stay on this version and see how it goes in the long run. At least until you add other RGB modes (if you decide to). :)

  4. Can confirm it is working now, even when resuming from sleep, the fans power up and shortly after once normal mode takes over, they turn off.

    Thanks for the tip about adding and removing points. Much simpler now. Ive now set my fan curve for the exhaust side to be off until 55C GPU temperature and then immediately run at 30% after etc. I am aware of fan wear from constant startup and shut down. unfortunately my GPU does it sometimes in perfect conditions, it will hang between 55 and 56 degrees, on, off, on, off, on, off. It drives me insane. Ive changed it in the asus software but i never seems to remember it after a shutdown or a complete power cycle. But thats a completely unrelated issue for this thread lol.

    So yea, so far so good with the software man, you should apply for a job at thermaltake because youre easily doing a better and faster job than they are haha.

    Another question. Can you give more details on what the Boot mode is?

    From how i understand it, it's so you can set, for lack of a better word, a "Default" fan and light mode for when the computer first starts/wakes outside of the OS, and then from there the Riingplus service takes over?
    So to set this up correctly you have to make, in my example, 2 extra profiles (4 in total), 2 for boot and 2 for normal. I need to save the boot mode profiles (which will also immediately change the fans into boot mode) and then click save again on the normal profiles (puts them back into normal mode) and i should be done?

  5. Ah i see. I got it working now, thanks. One more thing, the pwm fan control, i cant seem to make my fans turn totally off up until a certain temperature. I can if turn them off in speed mode and then re enable pwm. But not from startup/sleep wakeup etc. They will just spin at 20% and speed up and slow right down and then repeat.


    Edit: example of my fan profile


  6. Hey dude. just wanted to say thanks for this software. the Thermaltake one sucks ####, especially after sleep.
    I managed to get yours working after 10 minutes. It seems to work with sleep but i havent tried a restart/shutdown yet.
    The only feature i would add to it would be brightness control :)

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