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  1. Sad
    jfs113 got a reaction from pckn in TT RGB Plus Freezing/Unresponsive   
    let me know if you find a fix, for some odd reason, other then one of the newer versions, the TT RGB software freezes up my computer on start up? nothing with work and have to hard re start into safe mode to unistall software.
    it worked fine for about 3 months and i have no new hardware but somthing is not liking TT RGB.
  2. Sad
    jfs113 got a reaction from Snakebite in TT RGB Plus causes System to freeze   
    yup having the same problem. after update all of a sudden i cant even boot, have to get into safe mod and uninstall.
    i have found that occasionally i have been able to re install (tried many versions) 1.2.51 and it worked until i shot down my pc then back to the same freezing on start up.
    i tried to go in to %appdata% and turn TT off from start up but still freezes.  have uninstalled and re installed all the windows c++ drivers. which after i install TTRGB and have to uninstall i notice it corrupts my 2017 c++ and have to re instal.
    I have not added any new software, been running it with success for 3 months then one day after coming out of sleep i have had this issue...
    Gaming rig is about 8 months old, run MSI and Rivia Tuner on start up and Rocket Docket, other then that just a few normal Windows 10 programs.
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