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  1. G3N0

    TT RGB Plus Issue

    So I'm not sure if the issue is a fault of the software, or my controller. So I have my fans plugged in. They all spin. They all work. I ha(d)ve my fans all plugged in to slots 1,2, & 3 on the controller, with the CPU piece plugged into slot 4. Problem is, when I open the software to control the colors of the piece on the CPU, nothing pop up. Nothing is detected. I ignored it for a few months. I decided today to kind of fiddle with it and I unplugged on of my fans (slot 1) and moved the CPU piece to slot 1, and my fan to slot 4 (and 5). My CPU piece became detected, but now my fan isn't detected. I'm perplexed as to why this is happening. Any ideas what the problem may be? Is it user error, hardware or software? The CPU is a Ryzen 7, and the motherboard is an MSI ATX DDR4 AM4 AMD X370. I can provide any other detail as needed.
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