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  1. Thank you very much. This was driving me bonkers.
  2. So last night, I noticed that anytime I tried to open a game from Steam (Less frequent) or change a wallpaper through Wallpaper Engine (Every single time), the ThermalTake software would open itself from the task bar and put it self on top of ever application I currently had open. The only way to stop it was to force close the software so it was no longer running. Of course this disabled the lighting, and I'm assuming any fan specific settings I had set up. I've uninstalled the software, and I've restarted my computer and it keeps doing it. This was never an issue before yesterday, which I bel
  3. G3N0

    TT RGB Plus Issue

    So I'm not sure if the issue is a fault of the software, or my controller. So I have my fans plugged in. They all spin. They all work. I ha(d)ve my fans all plugged in to slots 1,2, & 3 on the controller, with the CPU piece plugged into slot 4. Problem is, when I open the software to control the colors of the piece on the CPU, nothing pop up. Nothing is detected. I ignored it for a few months. I decided today to kind of fiddle with it and I unplugged on of my fans (slot 1) and moved the CPU piece to slot 1, and my fan to slot 4 (and 5). My CPU piece became detected, but now my fan isn't
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