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  1. No news yet and I've contacted TT again since the thread was made.
  2. I've since swapped to the default controller so I can have some form of ability to change it up. The premium controller stopped responding to changes completely. Contacted TT support 10 or so days ago and I've yet to hear back. Is there a holiday currently?
  3. Oh I almost forgot some more information. I tried the default controller that came with the fans and used the TT RGB software and the fans worked spectacularly, it was fun checking out what these fans can do as far as lighting goes. This is what makes me believe it's either the controller or my installation I was using the RGB fusion software on a Gigabyte z390 Aorus Pro Wifi with both cable C and D (the mobo came with a cable adapter that changes VDG to VDxG)
  4. So with a new computer build I installed the TT Sync Premium with 3 Riing Plus 12 fans and unfortunately I've been encountering some issues. The pattern I've noticed is that it usually happens with whatever fan is plugged into any of the three slots labelled "1". I've tried a number of configurations of what fans plugged into which side of the controller, even all three plugged into each of the "1" plugs with a pwm cable on each. The things that are happening though are stuck LEDs (Is usually one LED on the fan plugged into "1" but can be a group on other fans) and LEDs not turning on. I got a 5 pack of fans and swapped fans out here and there and still got the same result, could I have done something wrong? I'll get pictures ready of the installed controller.
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