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  1. How’s that test bench going? Good I hope, as I’ve bought 2 controllers lol
  2. My Mobo (Maximus formula XI) has two addressable 5v headers. Each has a 120 led limitation. I have 6 Riing Trio fans. Each fan has 30 leds making that 90+90 = 120. So, am I going to have to buy 2 TT sync controllers to get aura working properly?
  3. Are these questions defective in some way?
  4. 1. If I want to sync with Asus Aura, do I still need to plug in the controller cable to the USB 2.0 header? Or do I just plug in to a 5v addressable RGB header? 2. The controller cable splits into 2 micro usb. What is the difference between plugging both those ends into 2 controllers, as opposed to plugging just 1 in and using the bridge cable? 3. When using the bridge cable, do both controllers still need molex power?
  5. I just ordered 2 x 3 packs of Trio Premium to mount to my two rads. I also need a single matching fan for the back of the case. I cannot seem to find anything other than 3 or 5 packs? How do I get a single matching fan?
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