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  1. I vote for 2011! I couldn't have a mod like 2012-2014. They look awesome but I would get sick of staring at Iron Man or a bee hive everyday.
  2. Heroes Charge! It's like Dota 2 but theory only as the characters auto-fight during the PVP. The PVE is mostly auto-fight but each character will have a non-passive spell you can cast strategically. There is a version called DotArena but i think the Heroes Charge is a HD and Upgraded version with better features. If you guys want a great mobile game which is growing rapidly be sure to look into it.
  3. thats a big list of cooling parts, must have cost you a fortune
  4. Nice Build! Great feature being able to expand like that
  5. If by Santa u mean myself then he brought me GTX 980. I guess he knows I've been good.
  6. Does anyone know which kind of motherboards are the cheapest?
  7. Thought about trying a smaller motherboard... maybe trying mATX and getting a cube chassis. Scared of changing though... Always had standard ATX
  8. Don't get one with the handle :S Get one of the Core Series chassis. Maybe the Core V51?
  9. I agree, With the anonymity of the internet people think its O.K to hack, cheat and disrespect. Too bad about your game and those people who didn't cheat. New rules seem like the only fair way.
  10. More colors like rainbow? I am also looking
  11. well i own a 80plus gold power supply, im not sure if its worth it going higher. worked ok when I was mining.
  12. Santa better bring me a new GPU. Can anyone let him know which one is the best performance for its price?
  13. Maintaining it's chick magnetism. As my parts go out of date the sexiness level drop and it's a chore replacing them.
  14. Does buying a white case save u having to prime it?
  15. I'd take my tower to a mates but too scared to take out the monitor. Helps that my tower has handles.
  16. I always use the Happy Face method. Depending on the happiness level of you face, this method is proven to be an effective way to reduce air gaps.
  17. Just get naked with your case in the shower, spray out the dust with compressed air and then clean yourself and the shower with water. Wear a mask to stop dust inhalation and maybe some safety glasses/goggles.
  18. Thanks, TT Andy I generally just clean the keyboard and mouse regularly with a small "unused" paint brush and a dust buster. Found an article a while back saying a guy's keyboard is one of the most bacteria invested places in their home so it's more a hygiene issue than performance.
  19. I think i get it... So the site does some sort of rank check and then can analyze from previous data my points for that game? Yeah, I am interested in seeing how the ranking system will work out once the game is released.
  20. What's the worst thing that can happen to a machine with years of dust on it?
  21. What does MMR stand for? It seems to be some advance way of ranking that blizzard have come up with. Does it have something to do with replays?
  22. How do you check if it's US server?? I think I applied for Alpha testing through Wow which I play on the American/Oceanic server.
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