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  1. I am building a new computer and I'm wondering what chassi to choose. My current computer is using a Fractal Design R3 but I find the design rather boring, I am currently considering the CM Storm Scout II Advanced, I like the design of it and I'm a fan of the handle ontop. I already have a mobo, I've got a MSI Z97 SLI-Plus that I plan on using, so just need the rest of the components.
  2. Hahahha I told myself I need at least something above 260k to get into the highscore and I'll keep trying till I get there! then after about 20 attempts or so BAM, insane 557k and #1 on the highscore hahah xD I hope none beats me! Also, I have a request. If I end up winning something, perhaps the other winners would like to trade so I can have the PSU? I am building a new computer but missing some money so a new PSU would definitely help me out massively! Love to all of you! Merry christmas <3
  3. Btw, I was looking for it before and couldn't find it.. Where's the winners tab?
  4. Woopwoop. . took some time to register, had to change email cause it just wouldn't send to my ordinary email ;D But here's my score Edit: I registered as SimpleCookie.. ended up on the highscore list ;D Played quite lots of times to get highscore
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